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What if the Elements of Insanity (copyrighted by TheInvertedShadow) ended up in Equestria Girls? If you don't know who the Elements of Insanity are, then check out these attached youtube vids

Here's a fanmade image of the Elements of Insanity made into Equestria Girls.

2803223 I loved that series, and think that if it were to have an appearance in the EG universe that it would be amazing

2803857 Thank you my good sir or ma'am! Also, who is your favorite member of the Elements of Insanity?

2803945 sir, and I love all of them, but if I had to pick a favourite it would be Rainbine. Just my Dash-headedness getting through again.

2804065 Ok. My favorite Element of Insanity is Brutalight Sparcake. Also, she has another transformation called Dröwned Brütalight. Here's her debut video. FYI, may contain spoilers for Brutal Legend!


copyrighted by TheInvertedShadow

I highly doubt that he has them copyrighted.

Well, why don't you write some of it.

As far as I'm aware I'm the only one to write a fanfic featuring one of them, so they could use more fiction.

2803223 I just made a group for the Elements of Insanity. :twilightsmile:

2830490 SWEET! Can I have a link to that group?

2810035 Maybe you're right about that copyright thing. Also, I'm probably going to have another project that I'm working on.

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