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Twelve Wasteland Days of Hearth's Warming - PrinceUniversa

All heroes known far and wide from the Wasteland celebrae Hearth's Warming Eve, what's not to love about relieving all stress from the many fights they endured?

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The Fourth Day: Songs and Interface Craziness

The Fourth Day

After everyone ate the respective food and fell asleep in the cave (I’m surprised everyone fell asleep in here rather than their homes, guess they were that tired), I retreated to the bedroom to read up on some books. Yeah, I can officially call myself the historical geek to complete the list of friends here, not that it bothered me anyway. Checking upon the calendar that hanged over the door, tomorrow was to be the fourth day. So far, if I remembered right, we had played snowball, a weird case of volleyball, and simply chatted with one another. I wonder what's the next best thing in mind all of us could do?

Well, I definitely do recall Blackjack being able to play the double-bass (or was it a cello, a basonet? I can't tell the difference sometimes) so maybe all of us could probably try to play songs for tomorrow? If that were to be the case, I know what instrument I'm playing! I felt a small smile forming upon my face. Tomorrow would be a blast if this goes well. As unlikely as that is, who knows? Although I might have to teach some of them how to play an instrument with the exception of Velvet, she can just utilize her voice fine or can everyone decide to sing?

In any case, I need to prepare for tomorrow's event. Though as much as I want to do it now, sleep was beginning to claim me and I could not deny its offer. I yawned loudly as I closed the historical book I was reading. I lay down on Spike's bed. Funny, this bed was his when he was still a little dragon and now look at him. Big and strong, this bed was just likely another faint reminder of the past. I was thinking a bit much there. I let my eyelids close as my thoughts drifted into slumber. I wonder how tomorrow with music would be like? Maybe a whole compilation of songs from everyone. Hehe, that'd be the day.


After a well-rested slumber that was ruined by someone rudely awakening me, I groaned in protest as I opened my eyes. Much to my surprise, it was Puppysmiles who woke me up, "Come on Mister Zodiac, you're going to miss out on the party again!" She was hopping on my chest in case you're wondering how she rudely awaken me. I swear she was named like that for the sole reason of always bringing a smile to even the grouchy people like me right now.

I smiled (as expected when around Puppysmiles) as I got off the bed. I delivered quite a loud yawn while covering my mouth in a sequential pattern. After the yawn slowly died down, I turned to look at Puppysmiles who was still running around and playing with the toys. I'm not going to even ask where the toys came from. Amongst all the toys was a toy instrument. My suddenly clicked as I recalled from yesterday night, "Hey Puppy, think you can tell everyone that we're planning to play instruments and sing?"

Her eyes gleamed at the idea of playing instruments and singing with everybody. Without even a single answer, she darted out of the room to deliver the news. You know, I'm starting to think she's Pinkie Pie reincarnated and fillified if that's even a word to begin with... In any case, I should start getting ready to teleport back and forth to gather the instruments. I wonder how the others are doing. Dah, less talk more doing please! Also, where the heck is the camera going to?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Why is there a camera watching me? Oh whatever, at least I get to converse my thoughts at least. Today just seems like a weird day for all of us… I was keeping watch of my brother competing against Calamity (for possibly the third time today…) in a sharpshooting contest. Other hardened shooters like Henrietta, Blackjack, basically those who could shoot sans Littlepip, joined in their contest.

I sat down on the long table messing with whatever needed my attention alongside Glimmerlight and Glory. I was rather surprised that Glimmer was a tinker like the two of us. Guess things will still surprise everyone sometimes. Scotch and P-21 were chatting I guess? I can only make a guess what with their mouths moving a bit.

Xenith was with Brimstone oddly alongside Murky as they were having a conversation. On what topic though, I don’t know. Rampage and Psychoshy (I wonder how she got here…) were of course, fighting rough on each other as Stygius and Lacunae just watched them oddly enough. I will admit that it was rather amazing to see a threstral with my own eyes. Aura and Unity were chatting with one another about apparently their experiences, not so sure why.

Velvet and Noir were waiting outside of a door where, if you were to use the process of elimination with the names I’ve said so far, you can bet that both Littlepip and Homage are… I got off by a muffled scream as I turned to the door where my changeling friend was apparently smiling while Velvet could only look in confusion. I’m going to make a guess that scream belonged to you know who. Goodness though, how do those two even have the time to be doing all of that and still go at it?

Right, getting off-topic, need to focus on the three of us tinkering with whatever was in front of us. I wonder what is taking Zodiac so long though to get out of the bedroom. I hope Puppysmiles managed to deliver the news right now, I’d hate for him to sleep through the whole fourth day right now. Just as I thought of that, I saw her coming forward with a big smile as she saw me. Whenever she has that big of a smile rivaling Pinkie’s, I know that something peaked her interest greatly (in fact, I think anything would get her attention a lot). She came running towards me rather fast then promptly delivered the news to me, “Mister Zodiac is awake Miss Harmony! He said to tell you that we’re all going to be playing instruments and sing today!”

Singing? Playing instruments? That sounds like something I could enjoy, maybe alongside Velvet and Calamity as we sing away. I saw Blackjack turning towards the filly in the suit, her eyes looking… like she wanted to join? What, can she… oh wait; she can play the cello or was it a double bass? Damn it, I got to ask her someday about what string instrument she’s playing… Course the first one to make a remark about this would be the scrupulous mare next to me, “Wait, we’re going to sing and play instruments today?” I saw her flash a sincere yet devious smile. I knew well enough that this is going to have both good and bad results, “Well what are we waiting for!? I want to get singing right away now!”

To be honest, I want to as well but we all knew that we had to wait for Zodiac before we start singing and dancing. Luckily, he came forward with instruments on his back with a pop while wearing a sincere grin, “Sorry for not being here on time, but I had to grab a few instruments for us to play with…”

I could only smile as I looked at the set of instruments he bought. Surprisingly, he bought every known instrument that any one of us could play. And he managed to gather all of those instruments in a span of a few seconds. That’s something I didn’t expect, even from my alicorn friend… I saw him looking around though why was the main question. He answered that for all of us, “Where’s Littlepip and Homage? I don’t want them to miss out on this…” I heard Glimmerlight snicker as she pointed a hoof at the direction of a door where Velvet and Noir were at.

He raised an eyebrow much to his confusion for a second before realization dawned upon him. He could not help but let a smirk form as he stepped forward right next to Velvet and Noir. The mare thought if a good time to leave as she went to check out the instruments. I did too as I released my tools from my magic and went to check out the current instruments. I saw almost everyone rummaging through the mess trying to find something they could play.

My brother Epsilon was checking through the instruments when a smile formed upon his face. Before long, he pulled a trombone, “Oh, my favorite instrument in my hooves!” He put his mouth on the blow… thingy (I am not well-versed into instruments) and blew as he played a familiar tune. He smiled as he left with the trombone. Blackjack apparently already has her cello as Lacunae gave it to her (possibly from her teleport to their location and grabbing it for her). I just watched the scene playing out as we waited for the two couples locked in the room to come out. Speaking of which, I wonder how that’s going right now.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

While everyone else was getting instruments and playing round with them, I was with Noir outside the door awaiting those two to be finished. You know, I really do wonder how the heck those two even keep this up. Not wanting to wait any longer, I just knocked on the door. Noir snickered as she left, leaving me to pick up the slack (I can tell she clearly enjoyed feeding on their intimate love). I waited and wondered if there was going to be a response. A few minutes have passed and nothing yet and even everyone was getting bored of waiting.

I banged hard on the door three times hoping that got their attention. There was no way they could not have heard those bangs. I heard some shuffling accordingly alongside some crashing sounds like those of bookshelves tumbling down. That made me somewhat worried there. Without any permission from the two of them (knowing I will regret that), I slowly opened the door. The room was rather dark much to my bewilderment. At least that answers one question as to those crashing sounds though why in the dark. Are they trying something to hurt themselves with or something?

I heard the sounds of moaning as I saw the forms of both Homage and Littlepip getting out of their precarious position. I could only chuckle as I grabbed them with my magic and lifted them back on all four of their feet. I did initially wonder what they were doing (besides the plain obvious that lingered in my thoughts) so I ended up asking, “What were you two doing in here? Besides the possible obvious answer…” The two of them were looking at me like I asked a silly question. I decided to not bother about it right now as I went straight for the news, “All of us are waiting for you right now… we’re singing and playing instruments today.”

That got them out of their predicament as they tried, emphasis on tried, to go pass me and head towards the instruments. That was a bit out of their character now that I think about it, or was it just me? Right I’m thinking too much right now, let’s just get this started right now, I really want to play on my favorite instrument today. I stepped out of the room and saw almost everyone holding instruments and playing with them, heck even Puppysmiles was somehow playing an instrument despite her helmet or both Rampage and Psychoshy playing them at all is something to behold (although I do see them looking ready to whack each other with their instruments).

My smile was beginning to grow on me as everyone was chatting and playing around with glee. After all of this, I wonder what we can do tomorrow. Anyway, I’m getting off-topic time to start this fiasco, “Well it looks likes everyone wants to join in playing and singing eh?” They all turned to me with rather big smiles on their faces. I almost shuddered a bit, I felt like I was watching a case of uncanny valley…

In any case, they all clearly wanted to have some fun with this as many spoke out quickly deciding which song to play that featured all of them. This of course led to a small yet increasing argument about what songs to play in general. I looked at Homage wondering if should be able to pick us a song we could play and unfortunately, she too was rather picky on which song to play… I let out a sigh. Looks like I’ll have to decide which song then. Suddenly, my mind clicked as a few songs came forward. One of them made me smile as I imagined events foretelling with said song playing as the background.

My favorite instrument came as last in this song but not that it matters anyway. My smile lingered as I saw a nearby gong. I grabbed the stick and pounded on the gong once. That managed to get everyone’s attention as they turned towards the direction of the sound specifically me. My smile was enough to tell them that I had some good news, “Okay since everyone was arguing about which song to play first, I’ll be the first to decide and I already got a song that features all the instruments here.”

Many looked at their instruments and then towards me with a sense of understanding. Some did decide to ask what to do after the first song. I just shrugged and told them after this, anyone can suggest a song to play. They all cheered as they went to get themselves ready. I looked towards Homage with an idea in mind, “Say Homage, think it’s allowed to play inside Tenpony Tower like an orchestra?”

She turned towards me with a smile seeing what I had in mind, “Sure! If we’re going to do it for fun, might as well let them see us playing huh?” I nodded in agreement. I looked at my hooves and imagined some sheets of paper that would teach everyone here how to play the song we’re all going to do. In a few seconds, a humongous stack of papers was in front of me. Good thing these are strapped down with a string or else these things would fall down on me. I lowered them on the ground and looked at Homage again before telling everyone, “Everyone! I got sheet paper here for the song we’re all going to play! I’d recommend--” Everyone got the idea as they grabbed the papers in a rush to learn quickly. I chortled a bit there, “Never mind, looks like you guys and girls got the idea.” Before they got the chance to study, all of them were enveloped in my magical aura. Immediately after seeing the aura once, they all got teleported without a much of dizziness or a burnt body. They looked to see they were in Tenpony Tower much to their surprise. One look at me and many were able to get an understanding as to why and returned to studying the music chosen.

“When you all are done, tell me so we can get to play the song!” I said out loud for them. They did get the idea but I felt it needed to be repeated just in case. I decided to sit down and wait it out. My smile was still there just imagining all of us playing the song. As long as they get to have some fun playing their chosen instruments, I won’t argue much. I pulled out a book and continued to read it.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

An hour into practicing

Well isn’t this great? I get to play Octavia’s cello again (or was it… I don’t even know) this time without so much craziness around me or the three ponies here with me. I was looking at the sheet music and trying to get it just right. Let’s just say that is easier said than done. Looking ahead, I saw many of my friends practicing their instruments with different groups. Not that I’m complaining but it feels weird to not have them around you know? Instead I got Littlepip and Puppysmiles here which is kind of ironic considering how much shit the three of us went though.

Anyway, the three of us were doing you know what with our instruments when Puppy here bought up something I (and probably everyone else here) didn’t have in mind, “So what song are we going to play!? I want to know!” She was hopping around like a rabbit gone drunk. Okay, that was a thing the world was not meant to enjoy there.

Both me and Littlepip were looking at each other kind of agreeing with what Puppy here had to say. I looked at the music sheet to find… no damn title of the song we’re playing? What the hell? I got cut off my thoughts as Littlepip bought my attention, “So what song are all of us playing?” I just gave her the music sheet as my answer. She saw the same thing and matched my look. How are we supposed to know what song are we playing when there isn’t a damn title for the song?

I did see everyone gather around Zodiac in question. Whether to ask what the song is or they’re done practicing (which we probably all are again), the three of us decided to join in. Getting close, I can hear their questions and almost every one of them was about the name of the song. Eeyup, everyone here is confused alright. Hey, what is there a camera looking at me? Wait a minute, why is there a camera watching me? Wait, don’t tell me… Hey, come back here you! Did you record me struggling with all the trouble or…? Oh Goddess’s sake don’t tell me… you did!? Come back here and let me erase those then!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Welp, the camera’s back pointing at me and why is Blackjack charging at me? Wait! Don’t…! I did not get a chance to say anything else as she tackled me down hard. Everyone saw that and was confused what that was all about. I just got up holding onto my head from the collision while Blackjack was looking around like crazy and asking the one question I didn’t expect to hear, “Where the heck is the bloody damn camera!?”

Well, that pretty much answered my question as to why the take down. As for the camera, I do wonder why that exists in the first place and now it’s invisible to everyone but me. I just go up and wiped off the dust on my body while putting a hoof on her shoulder, “Hey no worries, I’ll be certain to delete whatever was recorded in that camera Blackjack ‘cause right now it’s following me…”

She looked at my general direction then at me in confusion, “But… I don’t see the camera that was following you…”

I just shook my head as I understood why, “Invisible to everyone but the person it decides to track, in this case it’s me…” Blackjack could only let her jaw drop from the revelation before grumbling a bit over the news now, “Like I said, I’ll delete whatever it recorded and you won’t have to worry.” In actuality, I can’t delete the progress once it records, only watch it again from someone else’s perspective. So in this case, I was partially lying. Partially, because only the person it recorded can see the events again so it was a win-loss situation.

She just grumbled again before returning back with the crowd, poor Blackjack. You know, I wonder what the heck did the camera recorded. Knowing her probably some gory stuff alongside maybe a few of those scenes with intercourse… Wait, what the heck am I saying!? I shook my head wildly returning back to the topic at hand, “Okay sorry about that everyone, but no worries since every one of you has managed to practice, I’ll mention the name of the song we’re all playing… right after we play it of course.” They all looked at each other at first before they all shrugged not minding this at all. For some odd reasons, they gathered in a way of an orchestra would be when facing a crowd. I doubt that was coincidence but still weird…

Anyway, we’ve managed to practice enough for today, let’s getting playing with the song I’ve chosen. I saw some of the ponies living here bringing in a piano per my request. It looked rather worn but that’s mostly because no one’s played one of these in a long time. As they managed to set it down just right, I looked who was my flute player to surprisingly find Puppysmiles was chosen as one. How the heck is she able to play it is beyond my understanding but it didn’t bother me too much I hope?

I pulled her forward and on top of the piano as she was overlooking the crowd of ponies gathered. A smile formed as she was center attention. I let a smile as I looked at everyone with instruments and they were all getting ready to play. Well, no time to waste waiting now. I looked at the filly in the suit and poked her helmet trying to get her attention. She turned at me with glee. Goodness, is she trying to kill me with adorableness? In any case, I went to ask her, “You remember how the flute is supposed to be played and sound like, because I’m counting on you Puppy as our leading musician.”

She was nodding her head and let a big smile form as she played the flute (again how?) with the notes corresponding with the song chosen. Alright, looks like she knows though I had to smile in return both for seeing this filly being able to play the flute of all things and for her excitement. Well, we waited long enough, I gestured everyone to ready themselves. They responded and bought their instruments up and ready to go. Well, it’s now or never. I waved a hoof around for everyone while counting down for Puppy. Just as I got to zero, the filly closed her eyes and begun to play the flute.

At the three second mark of the flute, all instruments save the piano played with it as a slow start. On the five second mark, I joined in and the song begun. The flute stopped exactly when it should. I smiled to Puppy seeing that he got the song just right, this might end up going well for all of us then. At the twenty-seven mark, the filly played the flute again with me continuing. We kept at this for awhile until the forty-five second mark where the instruments were slowly joining us until the one minute mark where they fully joined.

The flute went silent and the instruments joined in with me on the piano. We kept this up again and just as all of us hit the crescendo at the halfway mark of the first minute, I was playing the piano in I believe a moderato speed. The instruments backing me up were getting louder and more pronounce and just at the two minute mark, the flute joined in proudly and all of us ascended high in volume and speed. We continued on with the song and right at the halfway mark of the two minutes, the speed and volume rose up high.

All of us kept up with the current speed right about three minutes into the song and we did a big crescendo and I believe are running on adagio in speed. All of us were into the song; many did not spoke any words at all, just playing our instruments with precision. Halfway into the three minutes of the song, all of us boomed loudly. The crowd was watching with awe as we continued to play the song itself. I was rather surprised to see Puppy so focused into the song that she was not hopping around like she was usually.

At the peak of the song in volume and speed, all of us played together and we were very into the song that we, almost in a literal sense, soared high up. We continued and were reaching the resolution of the song. All the instruments quieted down almost immediately leaving me alone to play the piano. Around thirty seconds, I continued playing it and soon Puppysmiles joined in with the flute and the rest of the instruments as well. At the resolution of the song, I finished play the piano with a few final notes as well as the instruments slowly lowering their volume and thus ending the song.

All of us apparently closed our eyes at the ending part. We opened our eyes to see the crowd clapping their hooves slowly before cheering us proudly. We all smiled as we stood up and delivered a bow to the crowd. Puppy was a bit late, but she got into it just right. After the bow though, all of us were hugging each other with the success of the song. It felt good to get it done right the first time eh? I felt a hoof poking my shoulder and I got embraced by Puppysmiles, “That was fun Mister Zodiac!”

I smiled as I hugged her back and lowered her down, “It was wasn’t it?” She nodded with glee and was hopping around like she would do. Suddenly, something clicked in my head and I lapped my forehooves together. I looked behind me and slowly everyone remembered as well as they looked at me, “I almost forgot to keep my promise there…” Okay using the word promise was kind of ironic considering the name of the son itself, “The name if the song you all played was called The Other Promise. It’s a song that I love to play and hear considering who and what it represents.”

I was scratching my head and chuckled a bit before everyone joined in. After all of the hugging and what-not, the crowd behind us wanted another son being played from us. I looked at everyone and they gestured me to consider the next song. Well, there is another song in mind but… “Velvet, mind being the lead singer for the song I have in mind? For the backup singers, I need all participants to be mares while we stallions take over the instruments.” Many did find that a bit offensive though they were clearly joking as they did not mind at all. For the mares, I waved to come around me. Since we haven’t got a chance to practice singing this song and the crowd wasn’t going to be patient for us (I could be wrong but you never know), I casted a memory spell on them as the lyrics of the song in mind was etched into their thoughts as well as the right tone and volume for them.

It was a dizzying experience but it was successful as they nodded and clearly were liking the lyrics and sing in mind. I pointed and the bleachers for the backup singers and they responded. I was rather a bit surprised that Littlepip joined in quickly though I soon noticed her being nervous and all. The other mares comforted her to the best of their abilities and soon she was not shaking too much (though I think she still is nervous from the fact that it’s all mares I think). I looked at Velvet who was as confident as ever as the lights focused on her.

I looked at all the current stallions as I gave them the same treatment with the mares only with instruments being played. They nodded and with a smile went to their selected instrument of choice as I was behind the piano again. I looked at the crowd first and decided to tell them anyway, “Since all of you want another song, I had t be quick and do all of what I need is necessary. I honestly was planning to leave with just one song but you all want another huh?” The crowd’s cheer was deafening and everybody here was clearly enjoying it. Well, that answers that question, “Well be lucky that I managed to come with another song for you people and that Velvet is the leading pony here. So without further waiting and ado, I represent the next song, Star Sky.”

While the name was questionable, the tone of the song was not so. I started playing the piano and the instruments joined in as well. Just at the fifteen second mark, the instruments boomed in volume and speed. After this went to the thirty second mark, it was just me playing the piano and Velvet beginning to sing…

Here we are, riding the sky, painting the night… with the Sun…
You and I, mirrors of light, twin flames of fire, lit in another time and place…
I knew your name; I knew your face, your love and grace…
Past and present now embrace, worlds collide in inner space…
Unstoppable, the songs we play

As she said that last line, all instruments boomed loudly and synchronized with both the main and backup singers in what I can describe as an otherworldly sensation…

Burn the page for me, I cannot erase the time of sleep…
I cannot be loved so set me free…
I cannot deliver your love or caress your soul, so turn the page for me…
I cannot embrace the touch that you give…
I cannot find solace in your words
I cannot deliver your love or caress your soul…

As they finished the repeating chorus, the instruments died again leaving me with playing the piano and Velvet leading again with the next set of lyrics…

Age to age, I feel the call…
Memory of future dreams…
You and I, riding the sky, keeping the fire bright from another time and place…
I know your name; I know your face, your touch and grace…
All of time cannot erase what our heart remembers stays...
Forever on a song we played!

Burn the page for me, I cannot erase the time of sleep…
I cannot be loved so set me free…
I cannot deliver your love or caress your soul, so turn the page for me…
I cannot embrace the touch that you give…
I cannot find solace in your words
I cannot deliver your love or caress your soul…

At that final lyric, every instrument played together and went to finish the song. All of us were playing away with our instruments as the lights focused on us this time. What felt like a minute has passed and we already reached the finale of the song. We managed to finish off our song and the crowd as well s ourselves cheered loudly. Today with songs was definitely going to be a night I will enjoy a lot more than expected.