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Thoughts on For Whom the Sweetie Belle Tolls · 11:38am October 4th

Remember when Prince Zuko in Avatar the Last Airbender went on random adventures with each of the characters (except Toph)? This episode, along with two others, reminds me of those episodes in Avatar. But this time, Princess Luna takes Zuko's place (who also was a former villain) and goes to help each of the CMC in their dreams as they deal with inner turmoil in the waking world. First, we had "Sleepless in Ponyville," where Scootaloo has to confront her insecurities, acting like she wasn't scared of ghost stories and looking like a scaredy cat in front of Rainbow Dash. Then we have this episode focusing on Sweetie Belle dealing with her turmoil of Rarity outshining her all the time. Then in the episode "Bloom and Gloom," Apple Bloom is scared of finding the wrong cutie mark and screwing up her life in Bloom and Gloom. In each of these episodes, Princess Luna enters the dreams of the CMC to help with their issues and guides them to find a solution to their problems.

Back to this specific episode, Sweetie Belle is dealing with her issue of Rarity's costumes outshining her in the play she put on. Her jealousy then makes her blind to the realization that Rarity never intended to do that as she just wanted to help her sister. Both during this incident and when she was five. Sweetie Belle, in turn, shows Luna that both times she let her jealousy blind her to the truth. I thought overall this was interesting to see Princess Luna trying to help Sweetie Belle not make the same mistakes she did.

Also, going back to Princess Luna, I think there could've been more episodes like this with Princess Luna guiding ponies through their issues and helping them deal with inner turmoil. It was intriguing to get to know Sweetie Belle more and see her deal with the pangs of jealousy. I would've loved for Luna to go through other background ponies' dreams with characters that don't get much screen time, like Derpy, or jerk-like characters like Prince Blueblood. Because not only would it flesh out those characters more, but we could also see Princess Luna and how she's handling life in Equestria and maybe get to know her more beyond just dealing with the guilt of being Nightmare Moon. But that's just me and my feeling about her and this episode. Overall it was a solid one and well put together.

Random thoughts

Sweetie Belle, "getting all beautiful" for her fifth birthday party, was so adorable.

Ok, so for Sapphire Shores, I think it's interesting to see her again. She is a rather compelling character being a famous pop star in the world of Equestria, and I have to say that she is so entertaining. I wish she had made more appearances. Also, Jotaro Kujo's favorite animal is the dolphin.

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