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Thoughts on Simple Ways · 3:24am August 19th

Okay, this is a hilarious episode...overall it's mostly about Rarity going crazy over a guy named Trender Hoof, who is undoubtedly the most clueless character on this show seen since Blueblood. But as the episode continues, Rarity basiclly becomes a stereotypical caricature of a "simple farm pony" as Trender Hoof is more attracted to Applejack (who wants nothing to do with him). The lesson was that you shouldn't try to impress someone by not being yourself, which I 100% agree with. But honestly, this episode was very "adult" in its humor, more so than I've seen in previous episodes, as most of the humor is underlined by Rarity's desperation for Trender Hoof's attention as he hits on Applejack for most of the episode. Overall it's pretty good, and I think it was a fun watch.

Random thoughts

I love how they mention Hotel Chiche...aw yes, the time they used the hotel decor to make a fashion line. I'm sure the hotel billed Rarity quite a lot for that.

Applejack looked great in her fancy outfit; she seemed lovely in a dress.

As for Trender Hoof, I find it funny as far as I know isn't around again and was never mentioned after this episode. But I don't mind; I didn't care for him. He seems to be a clueless idiot who "stumbles" on things and probably exaggerates if something is "trendy" or not. Overall, Rarity's pick on guys has been pretty bad so far with both being assholes.

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