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Okay so after quite a few of you took a chance at guessing the gender, I only feel right to tell you what I'm having · 6:05pm May 12th

Now unfortunately no one who was at the gender reveal party yesterday sent me any footage of the actual reveal (I know. Sadness), yet I can do this:

Baby Bear?

Or Baby Mare?



Baby BEAR!!!

Yes, around September 12th I'll be bringing my friend's son into the world! They were so excited to know that the baba is a boy (they didn't care either way for gender, but still). I'm simply curious as to what they're gonna possibly rename him (as it is, I told them the name I will likely have to put on the birth certificate and absolutely understand if they'll change it). As it is, as far as yesterday was concerned, it went well. The family is excited about a baby boy and my friends have just been so supportive of my decision of adoption. I just know we made the right choice as far as adoptive parents go! As much as I would have liked to keep him, it's just not meant to be right now and my S/O and I understand that completely. Hey! At least the baby won't be completely alone. My friends' already have an older daughter (she's turning 4 soon) who now can't wait to be a big sister!😀 So anyways, that's it. In September I'm having a baby boy. Woo!

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I'm a parent myself, despite being sixteen and someone who is usually smarter than what I was when me and my girlfriend...you know.

Anyways, I can understand. At first, we didn't want to keep our daughter. Not for the wrong reasons, but for her own safety in hopes she'd be adopted. Sadly, a friend of a friend of mine is an orphan.

So we know how corrupt the orphan and adoption system is.

So to prevent our kid of suffering the pain of never growing up without a family, we decided to keep our baby girl?

Was it a dumb move at the time to have 'you-know-what'? Yes, yes it was. Do the both of us regret it? No, no we don't.

We love our baby girl so much and would do anything for her.

I can't say I blame you for giving your kid up. You and your S/O are doing what's in the best interest of your kid. That's what makes you a good mom.

I wish all the best for you.

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