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Steven Universe At The Creek Chapter 4 Steven Or Author Steven? · 1:53am May 1st, 2022

Morning came around, with Bernard heading straight to his job at Pasta La Vista. He texted Steven to remind him about coming over and he didn’t forget. After his friends enjoyed the film, he’ll be looking forward to what Bernard does for a living, but he has one errand to do after leaving his rented apartment.

Craig left his home, soon enough meeting his two best friends, Kelsey and J.P. Upon heading to the Herkleton Public Library, he told everything that happened last night, and how Steven is different compared to his brother’s friends.

“You’re telling us that he’s hiding something in his belly button!?” J.P. reacted.

“Like a special ability a video game character offers?” Kelsey added.

“All I know is that he has something underneath his shirt, I just don’t know what it is.” Craig signed. “I’ve been thinking about it ever since I woke up this morning.”

“I thought at first he was some kind of supernatural human with mystical powers, but he’s not a bad guy the more I think about it.” J.P. replied. “Although the thing under his shirt is a huge mystery.”

“Guys, even if we asked what he's hiding, I doubt that he is much more different than all of us. Like what we do at the creek. He told me he doesn’t have time to see the creek itself.”

“Does that bother you?” Kelsey wondered.

“He’s not the same age as us, I’m sure everyone who’s been at the creek for a while would know this.” As they came across the public library itself, they stopped at the front door to reflect on the visitor in question. Craig could only imagine if he knew who Steven is if he knew his life then anyone. “I’m starting to believe he’s from someplace far away from Herkleton.”

As Craig and his friends enter through the door, they head straight to where Stacks is at. After agreeing with the changes of the cover art of her and Kelsey’s book, all that’s left is to color all over it which Craig and J.P. offered to help.

“If Steven actually enjoys reading, would he read something that I enjoy?” Kelsey asked. “Or maybe he’s an author like I am.”

“I guess from how nice he is, he seems like an author, but I doubt it has something to do with his belly button.” Craig replied.

“Yeah, if he’s really an author, his powers would be in his brain, not his stomach.” J.P. added.

“Stacks!” Kelsey called, getting the attention from Stacks who's sitting by one of the library tables. “We’re finally here!”

“Good, I’ve got all the colors.” Stacks lifting her small box of color markers. Craig and his friends sat next to Stacks as they began coloring the book cover.

“I have a question, Stacks.” Craig said, coloring the background of the cover. “If you ever met someone who’s an expert with fiction topics, would you feel surprised when they’re reading you and Kelsey’s book?”

“Don’t you mean author?”

“Kind of.”

“Having that type of person reading a book of ours would give us more inspiration than before.” Kelsey smiled.

“Even from someone who isn't a pro at being an author?” Stacks turning to Kelsey. “What are you referring to?”


“Steven who?”

“My brother didn’t tell me who his last name is.” Craig answered. “If I knew what his last name was, his life would still be very private from anyone.”

After Stacks placed his marker on the table, she can only imagine Steven being a natural as a fiction expert. “Do you think he’s willing to read at least one page to give us some advice?”

“It’s possible for first impressions.”

Upon looking at the cover itself, she wanted people to dive into the fantasy she and Kelsey created. Even gaining a small audience, she can only prepare for the critiques, even if she’s not ready to hear them.

“Is there anything else you know about Steven?”

“All I know is that he has something hiding but that’s my problem.”

“He's only here for a couple days until he leaves.” Kelsey added.

“Well good luck, if you manage to see his secret before it’s too late.” Stacks said, getting back to coloring.

Outside of the public library, Steven arrived after leaving his apartment. He texted Bernard that he’ll be on his way once he borrows a book at the library. He headed inside the library building, witnessing the books of all different fiction topics displayed on the shelves. Without wasting any time at all, he headed straight to the fantasy aisle to borrow a short book until he returned it before leaving.

After coloring one of the characters, Kelsey stood up. “I’m gonna use the bathroom, I’ll be back.” She heads straight to the bathroom located from the other side of the library. After Steven went to the next roll of books, he noticed Craig and his friends coloring on the table through the shelves.

“Craig?” Steven exposing himself.

“Steven?” Craig lifted his head up.

“I didn’t know you were into drawing book covers.”

Craig didn’t expect Steven to appear but J.P. 's instantly turned his attention to the teen he’s been hearing about. “Actually…I’m only doing this for my friends.”

As Steven looked at the cover itself, he thought it was fanart at first. But when he saw the two characters, Fire & Ice, he was impressed. The chemistry even by seeing the two on the cover itself can tell what he’s looking forward to in a fantasy book, even with anime elements into it.

“Fire & Ice? Is that based on a TV show?” He asked.

“No.” Stacks answered. “My friend Kelsey came up with these characters. She has watched a lot of shows, she’s gotten better ever since she created Fire & Ice.”

“I can tell she really took inspiration passionately.”

“Not to mention the story is engaging.” Craig replied. “If anything, it gets better the more you read it.”

“No need to explain, I’m here to borrow a book from the fantasy section, but I didn’t think one of your friends would make a story from scratch.”

Craig can tell Steven wasn’t trying to fake being nice, but J.P. thought otherwise. While not coloring the book cover, he didn’t keep his eyes off of Steven. Even if he can’t tell if he’s nice or not, the mystery underneath his shirt will never be overlooked from his view.

Meanwhile, Kelsey got out of the bathroom, upon returning to the table, she noticed a teen standing in front of her, looking at her creation. Soon in her mind, a spotlight lit up from above with everything around her disappearing in a second.

“Can Kelsey expect an author to give her artistic integrity?” She said in her mind. “He’s a lot more different than I expected. Or-” Her eyes shot open. “Is this really-?”

“Kelsey?” Steven called her out upon turning around when Craig noticed his best friend.

“What, I wasn’t looking at your shirt!” She blurred out which disturbed everyone in the library. Steven reacted from the random outburst while Craig and the others flinched with their ears ranging. “Oh, ummm…” She looked at Steven being concerned at the moment. “Craig told me about you.”

“And judging from what you’re wearing, you’re really into fantasy fiction.” Steven slowly smiled. As he turned around to look at the book cover itself, Kelsey walked up to the table. “You made these two characters?”


“I got to say, you put so much passion into this.”

“It’s saying a lot when it took a while for her to write the story itself.” Stacks replied.

“Believe me, it wasn’t easy.” Kelsey said.

“That’s the point.” Steven turned to Kelsey. “That’s the route any author should take to become successful. If anything, it would be a shocker if an animation studio would offer to do an adaptation series based off of this.”

Kelsey’s imagination of all the fantasies in her book was one thing, but she didn’t wish to have that as an animated series. In fact, it would lead to more ideas she didn’t use in her book. By looking at the unfinished book cover, any animator would make it better for the public praise.

“Believe me, if I was in charge, I would’ve green-lit it one hundred precent, no matter how difficult it is.”

“That’s actually a good idea. But would sequels need more lore to make that happen?”

“If they improved on the predecessor, yes but just like every other book series.”

After taking Steven’s advice for granted, Kelsey sat back down with confidence in her system. Even by meeting him, learning about him despite his secret, it didn’t feel like manipulation. More of what a professional college student would say after getting higher grades. Even Craig was impressed, same goes to Stacks.

“Anyway, I’m gonna head to where Bernard works, I’ll see you kids later.” Steven waved as he plans to borrow Fire & Ice before he heads out.

“Now that’s a really appreciative teen.” Stacks commented. “He’s actually really nice.”

“And I wouldn’t mind meeting him again, did you say he was going to your grandmother's house?” Kelsey asked Craig to which he nodded. “Then I’m coming along.”

“Okay, let’s not get too ahead of ourselves.” Craig replied. “I still feel like he’s still hiding something, but it’s not as bad as I was expecting.”

“But Craig, how are we gonna see what’s underneath his shirt before he leaves?” J.P. asked. “It’s not like we can try to make him take off his shirt.”

Upon listening, this gave Craig an idea. He planned to go to the creek after leaving the library but he may have found a way to see the secret underneath Steven’s shirt. “I think we can make him do that.”

Little did he know, the librarian heard what he just said after placing a book on the shelf. He slowly backed away from the group, disturbed despite getting the wrong idea.

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