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I'm a recently returned writer and plan to release alot of stories again.

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  • 23 weeks

    So I'm back, I'm going to try my hardest to write again, I'm wanting to try my hands with a padded Silver Spoon story, since I've never actually had the chance to write her, I'm aiming for it to be at least three chapters and soonish I'll start on that Haunted Nursery story next chapter, I apologize I've just been kinda busy.

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  • 55 weeks
    Planing to return to writing.

    For the moment I'm Putting A Haunted Nursery on hiatus, I'm to stubborn to give the story to someone else, I've done that too much, but I'll be working on some more short stories, some that will have probably one chapter to maybe 3 chapters, I want to try my hands at age regression, I hate that I don't have many of those.

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  • 75 weeks
    Sorry for inactivity.

    I got sick, I suspect that I got covid so been doing nothing but resting, I'm feeling slightly better but not 100%

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  • 86 weeks
    Will upload next chapter for A Haunted Nursery tomorrow

    Yeah had trouble getting the import from Google drive to work, had to copy it, given it's so late at night I'll just do it in the morning or something.

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  • 86 weeks
    Working on Chapter 4 for a Haunted Nursery

    I know it's been awhile but I now know exactly what to write for this chapter, sorry for the long wait, hope to finish it tonight.

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K I think I'll return to writing. · 6:50am Feb 14th, 2022

I need to get a new chapter for a haunted Nursery out, it's been far to long.

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That is a good news :twilightsmile:

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