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  • 8 weeks
    Fresh start

    *it was a lovely morning in ponyville as one certain pony makes his way into his kitchen where he spots his little sister getting a drink*

    Well good morning there sis did you sleep well?

    *turns to give him a tired smile* yeah it was awesome are you gonna make breakfast big bro?

    Hmm I was planning on it did you have a request?

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  • 11 weeks
    Pinkie surprise

    *it was another beautiful day in canterlot high as students walked through the halls to meet there friends or head to there next class but for one student we all know as Fallout was having some….trouble*

    dude just do it! This song is great

    All I did was change a few words bumble that’s it I-I don’t think….

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  • 13 weeks
    More painful than it looks

    *fallout scratches his head In confusion again as he looks at another picture of a Ceiling the fluttershy sent him, at first it was fun but after the 4th one he got worried so after she didn’t respond to his calls or messages he decided to go to her house*

    *knocks on door* hello fluttershy….are you ok?

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  • 14 weeks
    Hearts and hooves day

    hey guys happy late valentines day sorry this is late and…well not doing as many blogs like I used to I’ve been busy with work and life but I promise I’ll be making them again!

    *Fallout let’s out a grown as he steps into his home and drops his bags at the door*

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  • 15 weeks
    The annoyance returns

    hey are you sure he won’t be here Fluttershy last time we were at your parents zephyr showed up

    yes I’m sure last I checked he had an appointment today

    good to hear I really don’t wanna deal with him today

    he’s not that bad Rainbow dash he’s just-

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Another ruined hoodie · 5:46am January 14th

*Fallout gulped in fear as he stood outside of Rarity’s boutique preparing to face yet another lecture from her after ruining another hoodie while working *

Ugh I hate this part *sighs* welp might as well get this over with

*Fallout looked at the hoodie in question which was pretty messed up…well if you could call what’s left of it a hoodie, the hoodie itself was full of rips and tears with some blood and dirt luckily the blood wasn’t his….or he hops it wasn’t . After taking another moment to mentally prepare himself he opened the door making the bell ring signaling his arrival then steps inside*

Uh Rarity are you here?

*it only took a moment for her to respond*

fallout is that you my love?

Yeah it’s me are you busy

well yes but please do come in! I’m in my creation room I could use a break

*fallout then begin to make his way to her creation room and step inside once in he could see her in the middle of making another dress rarity looked happy to see him until she saw his hoodie on his back*

fallout please don’t tell me you ruin yet another hoodie

*fallout blushes in embarrassment and quickly uses his wings to hide his hoodie*

Uh n-no of course no-

*fallout was cut off as rarity’s horn lit up forcing his wings down and his hoodie to float off his back and to her *

don’t lie to me mister I can tell from the look on your face

*as he looks down In shame Rarity looks at the hoodie in shock then to him*

my word I-is this blood?! Fallout are you hurt? Quickly come sit down let me look at you

I’m fine babe I swear that isn’t my blood it’s the monsters

im still going to look you over to be safe now please sit down

*fallout wanted to protest but he learned the hard way that it was a bad idea to do so he nods and does as she said she got behind him and began to check his back and wings*

I’m just dirty is all babe I got knocked around a little

more like a lot I can see some cuts already

I don’t feel it are you sure?

yes and….I believe there is a tooth stuck in your flank dear

A tooth?…huh so that’s what the Stinging was I thought it dodged that bite he did huh

why are you so calm about this!

Eh I’ve been through worse

*sighs* yes you are right about that but nonetheless I’m going to take this out of your flank ok

Yeah ok just do it quick like a band-Aid

of course dear after that we’ll clean you up then-

*Rarity was cut off as fallouts stomach began growling making him laugh*

then I’ll get you something to eat it looks like somepony forgot to eat again

Hey I swear I ate this morning

did Rainbow dash cook again

Uh yeah..

well then that definitely explains it she’s sweet for trying to cook now but…she isn’t exactly the best

Yeah but she’s trying…and it’s nice seeing her so happy when I eat what she make’s it’s hard to say no to her

thats understandable now no more distractions lets get to work

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just coming home from working thinking you dodged that one attack and your wives see your tails hairs gone you being calm like: huh so that why i felt a draft back there lol

Yay, another blog!!!

Haha, I’m glad to see that Rarity is more concerned about Fallout’s health than the hoodie!

Yep i plan on doing them much more again lol

Yep! He’s just happy he’s alive

Yay!! I hope so, I love these!

You know I know someone who could make some enchanted fabrics that won’t be destroyed while your at work fallout but it means hopping to a different world for a few hours?

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