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    Hey guys long time no see huh? Sorry about being gone for so long life has kept me busy mostly my job has been hell and then two of my sisters had kids! I’m an uncle now and I got promoted at work for all the stuff I’ve went through to help at work! I never forgot this place though I was always reading stories to Relax so…sorry for being gone guys. Also here’s a little blog bumble did for

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    How much further do we need to go Fluttershy?

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    dude just do it! This song is great

    All I did was change a few words bumble that’s it I-I don’t think….

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Hearths warming shopping · 4:54am Dec 29th, 2021

Sorry this is late guy’s hope you enjoy

ok let’s no freak out everypony! We only just forgot to go hearts warming shopping again is all like last year!!

we’re not worried it’s only a you Twilight

what?! Why is it just me

because there’s no point in it last time we did it things turned out horrible

yeah that big old pudding monster wasn’t very good in taste or manners

don’t forget about the winter-

don’t you dare bring that thing up fluttershy

oh? And why can’t she? She isn’t the one who decided to listen to Discord for gift advice

I was desperate for a gift idea!…and I did apologize I a know

we know Rainbow we know

*laughs* hey speaking of that you girls remember when that happened fallout tried to catch it!

the poor dear got thrown around quit a lot

uh…I’d love to talk about old times but we should really be focusing on getting gifts

oh yeah your right

I learned my lesson and made a list!

I have ideas for everyone I just need to go out and get them

same here

does anyone know about fallout?

he likes to get his shopping done a month early to avoid the lines….something we should have done

eh there’s always next year

where is he anyway

ah think he’s with his friends right now in town

or with bumble in his universe again…. But I hope he brings back cupcakes this time

if he’s gone then we should definitely take the opportunity to get his gifts and wrap them

agreed let’s go girls

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That’s alright man hope you have had a good hearts warming and a happy new year my friend

You too man! Hope yours is even better

it was i was in florida enjoying time with my grandparents then my aunt gave me a cold and the plane ride home sucked XD

Oh nice always wanted to go there

You know girls ... if you need something you can't find in Equestria, I have some good connections. Snacks from other worlds, materials like you've never encountered, and a plethora of enchanted items of all kinds and uses.

really? Maybe you could help us

whats the catch though

No catch, you just handle the costs and fees. This isn't some big business deal so no contracts, clauses, or lawyers. But it is still importing foreign objects from other worlds so there may be some limitations on what you can get. And weapons are heavily restricted, I'm not an arms peddler.

awww there goes my crossbow gift idea

pinkie I think that’s a bad idea to begin with

Crossbows aren't entirely out, most are generally pretty easy to come by, though those ones are often considered collectors items and not built to be useful. If you want something to be put to use you can find one here. But I can have it enchanted for you.

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