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    How much further do we need to go Fluttershy?

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    dude just do it! This song is great

    All I did was change a few words bumble that’s it I-I don’t think….

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Work stress · 4:13am Dec 8th, 2021

Boy howdy that was a doozy of a hunt today huh Sugarcube!

*fallout couldn’t help but Shake his head and look up at Applejack with an unamused expression *

A doozy is an understatement babe Your cousin didn’t tell us about the coyote den! that lack of information ruined my original plan and almost got you hurt

oh I was never in any danger you worry too much sweetheart I had everything under control one of them little varmints just surprised me is all

Still I was worried though especially when I heard you scream I thought I….

ya know Braeburn didn’t mean to leave out the den part you saw how busy he was and like I said I’m fine they didn’t touch me so stop worrying so much

Ok I’ll try but-

*Applejack cut him off by getting up from her seat and sitting next to him*

oh be quiet and just kiss me honey it’ll help you relax

*before he could do anything she pulls him into a kiss that felt like it lasted an eternity but In reality it was only a minute as they separated fallout blushes*

W-wow….that was pretty mare I-I mean pretty good

*chuckles* Ah knew that would work~ ya feel better now

Y-yeah I do

good let’s just focus on us now alright? We’re all done with work so there’s no need to be thinking about it

*nods *Your right sorry babe but you know how I get sometimes

ah do and it’s cute sometimes but it’s not necessary right now let’s do something else

Like what?

oh I don’t know….

*Applejack looks around the train car there and sees that’s it’s empty*

hows about you and me go to one of the sleeping cars and have a little fun~

Buck yeah let’s go!

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*Meanwhile A gang of train robbers approach the train; two of them manage to catch up to the front and force the conductor to stop.*

All right this is a hold up!!! Everypony put yer valuables in the bag!

*everyone did as they were told and a couple go down the aisles to check on everyone else.*

*opens the door* alright get yer hooves up and-

*Suddenly the robber is kicked furiously between the legs with enough force to guarantee he won’t be having any children. He is then hit by a crossbow dart with a boxing glove on it.*

Can’t ya see we were in the middle of somethin here?!

H-Hey girlie, you better get back in there and give us yer bits right-

*Suddenly AJ throws her hat into his face. By the time he gets it off AJ Bucks him right in the stomach and roundhouse kicks him into the wall. She takes his gun and starts shooting the other gang members’ guns (and somehow she was able to do it even though she has no fingers… weird.) the bandits get scared and run off.*

Alright girlie, hold it right there! Drop yer gun, unless you want this one to have an improvised lobotomy!

*AJ looks at the last gang member and sees him with a hostage. She reluctantly drops the gun and kicks it over to him.*

Alright now get on the ground and drop yer-

*he stops mid sentence as he swears he saw something move past the windows. Before he could even question it Fallout comes out of an opened window and shoots the robber with a stun arrow.

*Once the gang leader falls to the ground everyone cheers for The couple of heroes. The main conducter approaches them and shakes their hooves.

You saved us all! If there’s is anything we can do for you just ask!

“Um, well all that heroing made us pretty tired… *winks at AJ* so maybe if we could sleep a bit without being disturbed…”

And this here bottle of Cider!

Consider it done!

*Fallout and Applejack then run off, back to the bunks.*

Hahaha damn she’s really in the mood

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