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New Story coming along, though still need an editor for help cleaning it up. · 3:51pm Nov 18th, 2021

So currently up to 28 chapters for this new story, which is fun. But the need for an editor is still strong, as my Dyslexia is still a thing. that all said, I will share some of what happens in this story.

First off, references, mainly to my own story's, but some to others. It starting a month after Littlepip cleared the sky's, everypony is still feeling the effects of this change. ponies are eaither running from, or running to Fillydelphia to join the fight. Certain characters from Desperados make an appearance, 11 years younger, and far from New Appaloosa. Once again, the shadow of Perception Cap hangs over the wasteland, an slavers and slave still cures her name, yet she dose have her fans that look up to the 6 gun mare. Scars of the past linger in remote places, where the Long Winter never ended, and the undead are still a nightmare threat. Though the NCR has not yet come to this region, a familiar snarky Talon makes a appearance, as the main trade rout from south to north can't simply be ignored.

Ya, I had fun with those.

Second, guns, gear, and adventure. Unfortunately a bit of the Desperados is felt here, and poor Lottery will stay with in the region she starts in, all surrounding the trade hub Ursa's Rest. but unlike my last story, she gets to travel far and wide. some new and old guns make an appearance. Unfortunately the trench gun she finds had already been decommissioned by the M.o.I. but the lever action Shotgun works just fine. and with her guns, she will fight raiders and monsters alike.

and speaking of monsters. Three, Horror's and trauma. Though Lottery has plot armor, it really only protects her from the story ending abruptly. She will witness the horrors of the wasteland, and have them acted upon her, leaving her battered, bruised, traumatized, and ultimately changed. For the most part this will involve raiders, and the pain they inflict on others, from witnessing a victim as their being assalted, to ultimately finding herself as a victim herself. Lottery will not have an easy time in the wasteland, and will find few true friends. She will be exploited by an uncaring wasteland, and find her own mind as an enemy. but the power of friendship is not just a magical rainbow beam, but also a helping hoof the grabs you and drags you out of the darkness. kicking and screaming if they must.

An lastly, there is smut, and a bit of clop that happens, both consensual and non-consensual. truthfully, outside the few dark moments, I kindove have to rain in the level of sex that happens. It makes the chapters where it's not a subject a bit refreshing.

Well, if you have any questions, or maybe even a request, let me know. the story is still fresh, and new things can be added to any chapter.

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I can't wait! If only my grammarers were also the good I could help

ya, it's a skill that tragically, some of us just don't have.

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