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  • Today
    Exciting Day

    If you're a [American] football fan, you really don't get more exciting games than today. I'm not really a fan, but they're fun to watch.

    Both divisional games went to overtime today.

    Other than that, bit of gaming, bit of writing.

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  • Friday
    No promises, but I love being a tease.

    My story motivation comes primarily from two places:

    1. My imagination, frequently running amok with 'what if' scenarios after watching an episode or movie, and at other times...

    2. Popular reader requests that I attempt to capitalize on.

    So, here, I'm going with #2.

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  • Tuesday
    So Microsoft bought Activision Blizzard today.

    My entertainment today has mainly been giggling at entitled internet morons who don't have a damned clue what a "monopoly" is, and just throw it around as a buzzword. Even with this acquisition, Microsoft is still smaller than Sony and Tencent.

    I don't care how golden his parachute is, get Kotick the fuck out of there.

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  • Tuesday
    Starting a new business venture.


    Salads For MEN.

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  • 6 days
    Alright, where's that Keanu Reeves 'Whoa' gif?

    Ah, here it is.

    So in the first 24 hours, Forgotten: Sunrise got 1291 hits, and was put on 700 bookshelves.

    I guess I must be doing something right.

    Glad you are all enjoying the opening. I say it over and over, but I really freaking love the Fimfiction community.

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Halo Infinite: Initial Impressions · 6:05am Nov 16th, 2021


  • Gunplay is very solid. Once the controller issues were sorted out (set Axial Deadzone to 0 and Look Acceleration to 5), it felt exactly like MCC.
  • The game is gorgeous. I cannot wait to see the campaign.
  • The AI's are all very quirky and unique. My chosen one is damned hilarious.


  • The UI isn't the greatest. It's been done cleaner and better in Halo titles of the past.
  • I'm not sure if it's on my end or the game's, but gunfire behind you is muted almost entirely, and keeping an eye on your six is that much harder because of it.
  • F2P brings it's share of issues, such as the occasional game where you will be teamed with the absolute stupidest morons who cannot play the objectives. As of right now, there is no dedicated Slayer playlist, so players wary of objective gametypes will not be happy for the time being.
  • Lastly, and this is the big one. The Battle Pass, and progression overall, is absolutely horrendous. It is by far, the worst part of the experience, and from what other players say, it is the worst iteration of such a battle pass system compared to competitors like Warzone and Fortnite. Players are not aptly rewarded for their time. The Halo subreddit's hottest topics are disparaging the progression system, and are crying out for per-match and performance-based experience, as it was in Reach and the Master Chief Collection. In my excitement, I purchased the Premium Pass, and unless it is dramatically overhauled, I will not be doing so for the next season.
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Damn, Battlepass? Ooof. Also there's a Halo show coming, which apparantly includes a teenage human being adopted by the Covenant. Also, one of the downsides of multiplayer, sometimes you get players who don't play objective and try and Rambo. And unlike say, Siege, going solo is rarely advised

Yeah I saw that teaser too, but I won't likely get Paramount+ just for a single show.

Same. Also apparantly Infinite is toning things back to a Bungie era design, in terms of weaponry and such, rather than full on sci-fi

Yeah, the battlepass progression is complete ass. I get that the battlepass doesn't expire, which is a good thing, but something as simple as 100 xp per win or 10% of our score as xp wouldn't break it.

Also, they locked Lumu behind the battlepass which I was pretty sad about.

I played all night with someone who bought the premium battlepass. Same amount of matches, same exact challenges completed. She's rank 29 and I'm rank 2, and I can't unlock a damned thing. Absolutely disgusting, but I pretty much expected that since the multiplayer's free.

The premium bundle comes with an XP Grant that immediately boosts you to 25.

It's still an insanely long grind.

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