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  • Today
    First Viewing #97

    Scream (2022): 8/10
    About time this franchise made fun of toxic fandoms, lol

    Hotel Transylvania Transformania: 7/10
    Still think they should've turned Johnny into a vampire.

    Say Anything...(1989): 7.5/10
    I need a boombox...😎

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  • Tuesday
    Special Guest Q&A

    So l learned a writing technique on knowing your own characters by having others interview that character.

    So give a fiery welcome to Lucy Scaldor, the Good-Hearted Totally Evil Demon.

    Feel free to ask her questions. Ask away, she won't bite...

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  • Monday
    *suckles menacingly*

    "Coming soon, slaves..."

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  • Saturday

    It took me an eternity, but I finally completed the 4th chapter of my passion project, Kyle & Lucy. For those who are new or need a refresher, here are the last four previous chapters:

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  • Friday
    The Nostalgia is R E A L...

    Was helping mom clean a closet out earlier and found something...

    I forgot younger me had good taste, XD

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Gosh... · 7:18am Nov 9th, 2021

I, um...:fluttershysad:

Someone's received some devastating news and it seems they don't have many people who shared any concern, so...

Please follow darkbroney666 and say your piece. Just...just read their only blog post, I can't really explain it here.

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Comment posted by KingSombraTheTyrantRuler deleted Nov 9th, 2021

Bloody hell. That's depressing

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