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Downsides of Immortality · 5:02am October 12th

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These are some valid points, honestly the more I think about immortality, the more I realise how much it sucks. Unless you have a beautiful Goddess to share that eternity with.

Here's another one for the record book.
When you accidentally pile centuries of emotions upon somebody who looks exactly like their ancestor. Bonus round, especially if you and their ancestors were lovers or worse frenemies who were constantly hate s*x with one another because you were the only people who understood one another. (Aka) the Dr doofensmerf and Perry the platypus dynamic, if there was any romance whatsoever?

"Kid, I used to have 6 hours of constant hate s*x with your Great Grand Mother. Anything you say to me, I have a comeback for. Like how I came on the back of your ancestor."

Even then maybe life separates you for a couple of centuries and then when you reunite what you had is gone. You are too different form what you remember. Even worse, one for you forgot about the other over that time.

Now all I can imagine is princess Luna telling some foreign dignitaries to calm down before she drags them to her bed Chambers like their ancestors for six straight hours of nonstop passionate, rough, ravishing hate s*x, then correct yourself saying love making. The only question is the dignitary can't decide is that a threat or is she flirting with them.

Everyone that ask what Imortality is like :rainbowderp:

When you go to use a cheap phone with a text app, and the app is larger than the total emulator install which has the origional program on it and still connects at faster rate. :pinkiegasp:

And its the third time its happened.:rainbowderp:

This one sees the darkside of Immortality.

It's always the little things that get ya

“Mmm, I’m really hungry for that one Greek meal I used to enjoy a lot! Just gotta get some herbs, a few spices, some silphium oil and …”

*Suddenly remembers silphium went extinct millennia ago due to over-harvesting and no reliable way to domesticate nor farm it*

“… well f***.”

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