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The name's Animatorsnake or short for Anim, welcome to my realm the Living World. I'm a writer and storyteller and I hope you enjoy my content of the world of Equestria & Anim's journey in Equestria.

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    I'm so frustrated right now... so I don't talk about my personal issues - at best I may speak about a little problems or situations; etc. I get sick, school, or small vacation or so on. I do mention I'm writing a personal book series, but just right now... is just absolute shite, no, its absolute SHIT, I'm going to pause any of my usual "lingo" or phrases. I learned so much right now this second

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    First off, HAPPY NEW YEAR! Secondly, I planned on posting a New Year chapter special for IANG, sadly I couldn't finish it on time, I'll indeed make it, but maybe a later time, I'll still go back to writing IANG's next chapter, but I'm currently down with a flu or something - not COVID, that I can confirm - so I had been unwell. Other news, due to government decisions where I live, certain

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    With that said, I managed to get a good portion of the week off from work so I can spend time doing what amount of writing I can do; my personal book project sadly is being delayed - again - hard to write when the inspiration just isn't coming to me. However, I am pretty inspired to be writing upon my other stories.

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    There are times whenever I take breaks or times to pause my writing - this can range from, personal, to mental-exhaustion, busy due to school, work, or family, and times which a hiatus is called for story revelance - though whenever I take these breaks, I always get that moment of inspiration and drive to get back into writing...

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    So, to those who have seen the past few blogs, you know the situation, to those that don't I am currently working, while my work schedule can be any days from sat to thursday, the only day I am absolutely certain to be free is Fridays.

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Small Update & Questions · 7:24am Sep 27th, 2021

So I haven't decided on my full schedule, but I know for a fact that I may be free/available to do anything on Fridays and Saturdays, so expect new chapters posted/updated on those dates, hopefully.

Another question, an interesting thing I found and forgotten is something called Power Lottery, I may use that later and make a story out of it, just asking if my fellow readers would interested in that sort of story in the future? With that, that's all I got to say and report, peace!

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What's power lottery?

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