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    Hello, folks. I'm writing this blog post to give you an update on what's happening currently. First, I'd like to say, that my hobby will become a bit more "serious" in terms of writing.


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Sunverse, DBT and Writing Hobby Update · 9:05am August 21st

Hello, folks. I'm writing this blog post to give you an update on what's happening currently. First, I'd like to say, that my hobby will become a bit more "serious" in terms of writing.


I started this universe back in December, 2020. I only managed to write the prologue of the first draft of what was to be "The Fall of Sunset Shimmer". I decided to put it on hiatus, seeing that my writing has not yet become better and was the same style I started out with. Now I'm going to rewrite this book and have a different style for it.

I'm going to say this: I'm more than happy to receive the help to make this universe the best as it can be. So, different editors for new books will be appreciated, along with pre-readers for feedback on the general storyline.

My goal is to try and make this a long series, with three main installments and multiple shorter stories. With the shorter works, there will be only pre-readers who look on each story that I write and give their feedback. I'll listen to what they will say, be it good or bad examples.

Dawn Before Twilight

This story is a self-insert which I am co-authoring with Edward Sapphire, a fellow brony and friend of mine. I began this story back in, gee, November 2020? That was nine months ago, and now it is back in the writing stage. I could use some people to pre-read on the writing, like above with the Sunverse, to give feedback before a chapter is uploaded. I'll be listening to what each pre-reader has to say, whether it's good or bad feedback, as long it is constructive.

Writing Hobby

Now we've reached this point. Took a bit, huh? Well, I'm going to say, that I've begun a career to make Friendship is Magic stories on the website to become better at storytelling and learn more about the joy of writing. My hobby is still a hobby, albeit at the intermediate term, of course. I'm not going to be professional.

I've started this as a hobby six years ago. And I think I'm getting better with each story that I write. Now that I've reached to the point of intermediate writer, I'm happy to say I'll be writing more fanfiction than original stories. I mean, who needs to make their own world when they already got a character cast and setting from a show?

I'll be continuing to write as long as I am here on FimFiction. I'd say that's a good deal, no?

Phew. That took a moment to type. So, in conclusion, I'm going to stay on this here website. Sounds good, doesn't it, my friends?

-Dawn Darkness

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