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I’m a brony with the body of a pony and the brains of a griffon who seems to enjoy watching random female characters starve.

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  • Today
    Quick Little Comment

    I’m watching the movie right now, about a quarter of a way into it. I have just one comment:

    Phyllis is a Karen.

    Also the funniest joke so far:

    Izzy: Hey, guys. I know what you’re thinking.
    Sprout: I knew it! SHE'S READING OUR MINDS!

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  • Today
    Tomorrow, Tomorrow, Tomorrow!

    A New Generation is about to be released! I can’t wait for it, even if I’ve been the victim to a few major spoilers courtesy of YouTube.

    Who else is hyped?

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  • Saturday

    I’m starting to regret watching some new sneak peeks of A New Generation on Youtube. Now it’s constantly recommending me clips from the movie which, although they are in a different language, are giving away very important plot details, including a big event that happens at the end. I obviously won’t spoil it, but it’s BIG.

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  • 6 days
    Carl Fredricksen has some competition

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  • 4 weeks
    Paw Patrol: The Movie Review

    So I finally got around to seeing the Paw Patrol movie in theatres. It was just as mediocre as I expected. If you’re as deprived as I am when it comes to good movies to watch, there will be spoilers below.

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Happy Anniversary, Fimfiction! · 2:14am July 11th

This site is 10 years old. Happy Birthday to Fimfiction!

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