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  • Today
    I have a case of “wtf why do I ship this”

    Brain: Haha, Pharynx x Discord is an interesting ship, wouldn’t you say?

    Me, through gritted teeth as I start jotting down ideas: Yep, very interesting indeed—

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  • Today
    I said we’d be buying one pastry—

    Told my mom that me and my dad was going out to buy some bread.

    Came back with like, nine different types of bread.

    Mom wasn’t amused.

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  • Thursday

    I watch too much “It came from tumblr” and I get some very shitty ideas for fics.

    One of the ideas I had is where Twilight does a field trip thing with the students to learn about ancient ruins that have “sacred writing” on it to which one the the student would be like “no that’s just ancient shitposting.”

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  • Tuesday

    Guys, do you ever get a problem where you can only focus on one fandom at a time. Like, you get into a fandom for a year, and you discover or rediscover a thing and suddenly you can’t think about anything but that new fandom and completely forget or ignore your previous one?

    I feeling that right now.

    I don’t know what to do about it.

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  • 1 week

    I got my contacts today, and WOW, I feel so much different. I can see clearly, and I don’t fog up my glasses when ai have my mask on! Game changing!

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Seriously · 1:13am June 5th

Twilight: I know everything happens for a reason.

Twilight, to Discord: But what the fuck??

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Takes place during Ending of the End


It's simple. The concept of consequences is alien to Discord. He's lived for who KNOWS how long, and for 90% of his lifetime, as far as we know, he's been near omnipotent. Why WOULD he think about consequences when he can just snap things back to normal?

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