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The name's Animatorsnake or short for Anim, welcome to my realm the Living World. I'm a writer and storyteller and I hope you enjoy my content of the world of Equestria & Anim's journey in Equestria.

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    You know what time it is?


    (New chapters for IANG & Guidance here & here!)

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    Story Update 2

    So I took a short pause on writing to make a list of characters in IANG - named characters by the way, I'm not including unnamed or background characters that haven't been mentioned/speaking role/appearance in any of the current chapters - for future reference or not... this includes characters that are deceased too - dead characters and characters from the past who've died already.

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    Story Update

    So back around November, I wrote that I post a new chapter for IANG... I forgot about it, but while I'm thinking of posting along with some new chapters - not soon sadly - I'm thinking of making a list of all the characters in IANG. I have to keep a list of characters from now on as I plan to use any old characters mentioned in previous chapters, this includes characters that one appearance or

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    Feb 2024 News

    Sorry for the lack of activity here, I got distracted by Genshin Impact - wanted to play it after having taken a pause on it several months back - but I might pause it to get back to other stuff. Nothing much or different now, might be busy for a week or two with personal duties, but besides that hope everyone have a grand February and a lovely Valentines. Peace!

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    Late Happy Christmas & New Year

    Should had made this awhile ago, but got caught up on a few things, besides that, 2024... huh, did not expect things to go by this fast. Whole lot happened - personally and across the world - let's hope to better tomorrows and an awesome journey ahead of us!

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A Question For You Guys? · 4:00am May 10th, 2021

Are you guys interested in seeing sketches of my previous, current, new - but not revealed - art? I'm thinking of showing sketches of characters, settings, & other random stuff from stories here and elsewhere.

If you guys want to see the art that I make, check my Deviantart account under the same name for this account, other than that, I just wanted to show some of the rough/raw sketches of my art.

Also, expect some new chapters in the coming month or two, see yeah all later and hope you have a wondrous spring!

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