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Song of the Week · 2:35pm April 7th

Hey everyone, it's time for Song of the Week. Galwit Mysto Song.

Comments ( 73 )

Despite not having any epic fantasy music in it, I still love this theme song.

Also, the season it belongs to was my second favorite when I was a kid.

Ah, the Tradition Breaker

Awesome music opening and that takes me back from the good old days


Have you watched Power Rangers Mystic Force Dark Wish?

I both hate and love your song choices right now, I loved mystic force when I was younger and now I must go watch it on Netflix instead of doing my work for class.

Uh, about that... The only Power Rangers shows on Netflix are Mighty, Ninja Steel, and Beast Morphers.

Amen, brother.


The three part episode had a Dark mix in it.

Really it was there a few months ago, damn.


If The Rainbooms and The Ninja Turtles were in Power Rangers Mystic Force Universe, then I think it would take place during The Dark Wish Trilogy where they discover that everything is black and white to which Mikey will think the he's color blind only for Raphael to hit him in the back of the head telling him that he's not color blind it's that all the color are gone.


Hey, was Daggeron in it? It's been so long since I watch it.


The Power Rangers Mystic Force world would be a perfect place for Twilight Sparkle to retire here.


Power Rangers Mystic Force has magic and you know how she feels about it.


I finally Miraculous: The tale of Ladybug and Cat Noir.

So, you've also watched the New York special?

Then, your ready for season 4.


I am. Oh, and here's a shocker, Night Owl is a girl.

I know. And Master Fu is getting Akumatized.


It's sad that Master Fu had to get his memories erase.

There was no other way.


I heard that they're are more than one Kawmis around the world.

I've got a bad feeling about this.


But don't worry, because ladybug and Cat Nior will save the day with the help of Mikey's Team.

Bro, we're not planning on letting them stay there. We do need to send them home.


I forgot. Well, at least they won't know ladybug's and Cat Nior's secret Identity.


If ladybug sees that Mikey knows that lady and Marinate are the same person she would give up her miraculous unless Mikey tells her that he won’t tell anyone.

Relax, Mikey and company wouldn't figure it out.


Someone should do a Crossover with Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel and Miraculous Lady Bug on Fanfiction.


Why? It be that seeing the Power Rangers as 3D Characters be weird? Because I found another show that looks like a cross between Powers Rangers and Hello Kitty called Miniforce.


There's one episode that I found very Dark. It's called Cat Blanc.


If their was any Kingdom Hearts music no matter which game you played, which music would if perfect for Ladybug vs Cat Blanc.

I actually skip that episode.

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