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We Bare Bears: The Truth Or Never Again Chapter 14 No Camp Without The Last Camp · 6:35pm March 23rd

Ranger Tabes, along with the Poppy Rangers are setting up the next activity, involving a blindfolded obstacle course. They just finished the previous activity without the bears and their friends during the last hour.

“How long are they gonna take?” Diaz asked, sitting on the ground.

“It’s been like an hour and a half.” Nguyen added.

“Rangers, I’m sorry this is taking longer than it needed to be, but Panda is way too sensitive.” Dana replied while looking at the rules of the activity. “I promise they will be back with him as soon as possible.”

The Poppy Rangers wanted to enjoy themselves during the last activity, but they couldn’t get over Panda’s depression-fueled outburst earlier, causing him to leave. Just when they’re about to put on the blindfolds, they heard people coming from the trail they’d just come down. When they turned around, they saw Panda and Lucy together while placing all of Panda’s hobbies and interests behind the trees.

“Panda! Lucy!” Wallace cheered.

With the Poppy Rangers walking up to Panda and Lucy, Ranger Tabes turned around and felt relieved to see Panda feeling the same as he was. Although she still needs to wait until Grizz and the others come back.

“I thought you would never come back.” Parker smiled.

“If I never came back, I would’ve stayed by myself for a long time.” Panda replied.

“Let me tell you, I knew how to handle someone who’s dealing with depression. Everything is all back to normal.” Lucy added.

Panda gave Lucy a smile after thanking her for being the only girl who actually talked sense into him. As the Black and White bear walked past the Poppy Rangers, he walked up to Ranger Tabes.

“I got to say Panda, this would probably give you some escapism after what you’ve been through.” Tabes finishing tying the final string as part of the obstacle. When Panda looked at the course itself along with a bucket of blindfolds, he, nor his brothers had ever played a game like this.

“What do you mean by escapism?” Panda wondered.

“It’s mainly about believing in your partner, while also developing trust. I’ve played this game so many times and trust has never failed me.”

Panda might consider having Kale being his partner for this activity just so he can finally do something with him. He’ll be ready for Lucy to tell him the good news, that way it will be exciting to see how he and Kale can work as partners, just for today.

“Good point.” He responded. “I’ll talk to Grizz on which partner I can pick.”

“Technically, I pair up the rangers in partners, but I owe you for coming back.”

When Ranger Tabes prepares to put every ranger into pairs, Grizz, along with the others, are getting close to the group after walking on the many trails in the woods. The new camper who’s been absent the whole day is right behind Ice Bear. She made an agreement with Grizz of giving his brother a surprise later, but not just any surprise, a surprise Panda won’t see coming.

“Okay, go wait behind Ice Bear for a second, let me take care of this.” Grizz turning around to which she gives him a thumbs up. The grizzling bear and his friends saw Panda and Lucy back to the group which made them thrilled. “HEY CAMPERS!” She shouted, getting the attention from everyone.

“Grizz!” The Poppy Rangers cheered as they all walked up to Grizz.

“The gang’s all here!” Kale smiled as he gave his girlfriend a hug. “How was it with you helping Panda?”

“Don’t worry, everything is under control.” Lucy said, breaking the hug. “Are you gonna be his partner in this activity?”

Kale looked at the blindfold obstacle course itself. “I was thinking about it, but Grizz has a better idea.”

After Grizz gave Ranger Tabes a hug, he spoke into her ear. Panda from behind is thrilled to see his brothers again, but he’s confused from the way Ice Bear is walking. He moved slower than the speed he and Grizz took while walking, but he didn’t notice the last camper that was still hiding behind him. Ranger Tabes found Grizz’s plan really interesting now that everyone in the group is here with nobody left behind.

“Panda!” Tabes looked at him after Grizz backed away. “Go put on your blindfold!”

“But shouldn’t I wait until I get paired with someone?” He wondered.

“Don’t worry, I got you covered.” Grizz added. “Come on, put on your blindfold.”

When Panda took his brother and Tabe’s word, he reached into the bucket filled with blindfolds all the while tying it behind his head, making sure his eyes were fully covered. With Ice Bear checking that his brother is blindfolded, he allowed the camper to be out in the open. Everyone except Panda took notice from the final camper who’s finally arrived. Chloe would usually make an introduction for the Poppy Rangers but at the same time, she made a promise to keep her identity a secret from Panda.

“Who is she?” Murphy pointed at the young adult.

“She’ll tell us her name later.” Clifford added.

“Who is she?” Panda asked, which caused the young camper to giggle.

“Alright everyone.” Ranger Tabes making an announcement. “Our next activity will be a blindfolded obstacle course where we put our trust to the test. You’re all going to be paired with someone who will be blindfolded while you guide them through the obstacle course.”

The rangers found the activity really exciting after weeks of knowing each other, they can handle an activity like this. “But first!” Grizz spoke next to Tabes. “We need to give you a demonstration. The person who’s blindfolded will be inside the obstacle course while their partner gives them directions through the course.”

“So who’s gonna be demonstrating us?” Wallace asked.

Grizz pointed at his brother. “Panda.” And then at the young adult. “And her.”

“Seriously, who?” Panda called again.

“Don’t worry about it just yet!” Kale called back.

As the rangers stood further away from the obstacle course, Grizz allowed the young adult to walk up to his brother. With the whole group watching Panda from the sidelines, giving him space with no distractions, the final camper walked up to him.

“So you're my partner?” Panda asked, hearing his partner’s footsteps.

“Pretty much, sorry I didn’t get here this morning.” She replied.

“It’s fine, I’m sometimes late when schedules don’t go as planned.”

“Oh, well that’s something we have in common.” She would tell her information right now, but she’ll wait until after her partner competes in the obstacle course.

Just when she takes him to the start of the course, Panda remembered something about her. “Hey, your voice sounds familiar.”

“What do you mean?” She smiled.

“Like I really remember that voice, but I can’t remember her face.”

“Is it because you only saw her for less than a minute?” She guessed.


Grizz and Ice Bear were surprised and couldn’t believe the girl they were content with online was someone their brother had met in public when he was by himself. “I think we just hit the jackpot.” Grizz whispering to Ice Bear.

“Ice Bear just won the lottery.” Ice Bear commented.

As Panda is ready with his blindfold still on, his partner gets to the other side of the course. Panda makes his first steps inside with the white tapes preventing him from getting out of bounds. The tapes in front of him are in different colors where he needs to avoid by not ripping them apart.

“Okay so what am I supposed to do first?”

The young adult looked at the first tape that’s in front of Panda’s legs. “Go over the tape, it’s lower towards the ground.” Upon hearing the first instruction, Panda lifted both of his legs over the tape. Despite the weight he’s dealing with, he only touched the tape while still managing to keep it unripped.

“Did I rip something?” He spoked.

“No you didn’t.” His partner answered while looking at the next set of tapes. “There’s two orange tapes around neck high, crouch down underneath them.”

Panda crouched down as he slowly walked under the tapes. “Ranger Tabes, I don’t think this is helping me on escapism.” He called.

“Hey, it’s all in partnership!” Tabes responded.

After he got under the two tapes, he lifted himself back up. The next set of tapes are a lot more difficult for the blindfold partner from here on out. When Panda is slowly feeling nervous, his partner takes notice.

“Hey, you just started, it’s easy if you listen to me.” She replied.

“I just don’t want to waste the tape.” Panda said.

“Trust me, you will give the campers a good demonstration.”

The Black and White bear took a deep breath, while trying to agree with his partner. Even after coming back from running away, this is officially his first ever time doing a camp activity, even if it’s just a demonstration. “Okay, what do I have to do next?”

“Crawl down, the green tapes are straight to your lower body.”

Panda knew Tabes would be an expert in training, but he’s not. He could back out, but he refuses to give up in front of everyone. He slowly got on his knees while panicking on the inside. With his whole body on the dirt, he crawled until the first green tape but the next tape was close to touching his back. The third tape is lower enough that Panda can feel it from his upper back.

“Please tell me that’s not the tape.” Panda refused to touch his surroundings.

“It is.” Clifford said, not liking the looks of his best friend’s predicament.

“Just make sure you don’t rip it.” His partner added.

Panda had no other choice, but to take his partner’s word at its value, he crawled slowly while he felt his fur being ticked from the tape. He then feels the tape on his small tail, just when he’s about to get back on his feet. Luckily, he pushed himself down while the tape went over his tail.
“You did it!” Lucy cheered while the others did as well.

“That was amazing, Pan-Pan!” Grizz added.

As Panda got on his feet, he heard all of his friends giving him a round of applause. Even if he’s gonna go through more tapes in his way, he’s not gonna back down. “Thank you, my knees are still quite sore after the long walk back here.” He smiled.

For the next five minutes, Panda had gone through almost all the tapes in the obstacle course. He didn’t remove his blindfold once since he started the demonstration, making Tabes even more proud by not breaking the rules. The final tape of the obstacle course for Panda is narrowed. Every tape colored grey is connected to the rocks from the ground to the branch of a nearby tree.

He can tell it was a lot more challenging with the idea that Tabes climbed a tree just to make the final part of the course different. “Come on Panda, you're so close to finishing this whole thing!” His partner cheered.

After passing the final grey tapes, Panda had finished the whole demonstration. He sat on the ground after feeling exhausting from all the crouching and crawling, luckily without getting any cramps.

“You did it Panda!” Grizz cheered as he and Ice Bear made their way to their brother.

“Excellent demonstration!” Ranger Tabes added.

“You may not be a spy,” Kale added.

“But you're seriously good at not touching the lasers.” Lucy finished.

“But there’s no lasers.” Clifford turned to his sister.

“I was being theatrical.”

With Ranger Tabes giving the rangers their blindfolds, Grizz and Ice Bear walked up to Panda, congratulating him and it was time for him to take off his blindfold.

“As much how fun that was, my body definitely wasn’t made for that.” Panda commented.

“Ice Bear’s body however, was made for blindfold obstacle courses.” Ice Bear said.

“At least you finally did an activity on this trip.” Grizz smiled.

“I know, can I please take off my blindfold now?” Panda prepares to reach behind his head, only for his partner to stop him by placing her hands on his arms.

“Let me take care of it. It’s the least I can do after you went through the whole course.”

“Okay.” As Panda allowed his partner to untie the blindfold, she took it off allowing Panda to finally see. But when he finally laid eyes on his partner, his heart pounded, but in a good way. “Amanda?” He blinked.

“It’s been a very long time, Panda.” She giggled.

Panda didn’t even expect to meet Amanda like this. Not only he has until night time when the trip is over, but figures that Amanda would do something in return after he retrieved the phone to her. When he turned to his brothers, Grizz gave him a wink which made him even more surprised.

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