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My Sister Tia

Thank you all for being kind to others.

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What do you guys think of me? · 4:48am Mar 21st, 2021

I couldn't find the image that I was looking for, but I've been noticing some people doing an image where it says post it if you're not a chicken, and do the number(s) representing what you think of me.
Well, I was just wondering what you guys do think of me? Am I helpful? Do I need to improve? Please comment down below if you want and constructive criticism would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time!

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Just reading your stories and your bio makes me feel like that
And of course Awesome for posting this :rainbowdetermined2:

Oh. I did not realize this, so thank you for telling me. Sometimes I feel sad but being on here makes me feel happier.

Your welcomes! :pinkiehappy:
I posted something like this too!
Please answer :twilightsmile:

I don't know you that well but I will still check it out.

Well, I'll get to writing more when I wake up because I'm quite tired now, but I think you know that opinion from me will be very positive, Tia. :heart:

Though just as a disclaimer here, I got to know you better during what was pretty much the worst period in my life, and you as well as some others being there were what made it bearable, really... so... I'm not sure how objective my opinion of any of you is, as it will always be very positive, really... :twilightblush::derpytongue2:

Alright, so... what do I think of you, Tia?

Well... the first word that comes to mind is, as someone has already said, kind.

You are kind. Always, to so many people. You are always welcoming, never impulsive... there is nothing about you that would push others away. Sure, you can engage less or more in helping someone for example, but never are you outright rude towards others, you're never demanding or attacking.

And it is wonderful, you know, because... because for extreme introverts like me, this means a lot. This allows me... not to fear talking and interacting with you, which allows me to get to know you more. And there is a wonderful person to get to know in there.

And it's not that you never stand your own or anything like that. You do, and you're actually good at for example expressing discontent in ways that come across clearly and yet aren't insulting. That is great, and it is something not many people have a talent for. :twilightblush:

Other than that... you're really pleasant to talk with, though it's hard for me to elaborate on that one, really, because I'm not sure why exactly that is so myself. Talking with you is often simply a really well spent time. :twilightsheepish:

You're also definitely creative.

Your overall personality and character just feels very welcoming and friendly for me, you know... it all makes you a friend I wouldn't want to ever lose. :heart:

Something negative about you... hm. Well, I guess some talks can quickly arrive at a standstill I guess, and it's often hard to reignite them from there... but that isn't really anything about you at all, it's something that just happens sometimes, with anyone at all, and it doesn't really depend that much on the people involved, I think... :twilightblush:

Hm... well, sometimes it can be a little hard to tell how you feel about something, which can lead me to slight worries about whether or not I might've accidentally offended or insulted you or something like that...

I can't really think of any bigger negatives from my point of view, at least...

I hope all this makes some sense... :twilightblush:

That makes sense, and I'm glad that I seem that way to you. You are also great, and someone who is very sympathetic. Also, you have not offended me. I did, after all, ask for people to say what they thought about me. Thank you and I hope you have a great day (or night). :twilightsmile:

Thank you. And I think that you are open about your feelings, and try to work through things while at the same time trying to look for things to be happy about. You are also quite kind as well. I hope that you have a good day (or night). :pinkiesmile:

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