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The villain you used to be does not matter. But the hero you can become... that's what matters.

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  • Wednesday
    Barbecue sauce.

    Sephtis kept pounding on the carriage door, hoping Gizmos would hear him while taking their order from a stand.






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  • Wednesday
    In spite of what people said about the first Pony Life trailer...

    I think about it every time I hear the original song. It's either nostalgia or sadness it gives me.

    MLP nostalgia always feels like a kick. Yes, we should embrace G5, and yes, I'll always miss G4 and it's 2010 lifetime.

    (It better stay on TV for a very, very long time...)

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  • Monday
    Episode 13, 14, and 15 (or 12, 13, and 14) revealed.

    Only adding the part with the parenthesis, because one of the collab parts isn't done yet, and I'm not gonna constantly, on a daily basis, ask the person to get the job done.

    After these, it's time for the 3-part finale, so the episodes will be at 17-18 (the less I work, the less content I'll put in).

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  • Monday
    Reformverse Mini-Movie plan

    Four characters. Three mini-films (in story form). And one big movie (also in story form).

    Here are the mini-movies that will be released in order, their protagonists, and their antagonists. These may or may not be working titles. Idk. I’ll ask for better ideas in the next post related to these.

    -The Revenge of the Changelings (Chrysalis vs. Cicada)

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  • Monday
    Ignore that last post.

    I'll leave it out and worry about it later.

    No context for newcomers. Okie.

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How Far I am on Major Projects · 7:04pm March 13th

The Days of New Equestria (Season 2): I have yet to send the story link to someone who volunteered to help. I'm actually thinking of releasing it when I'm halfway done with episode 4, and after the edits are made on the first couple episodes. I'm just as excited as you are, believe me. It will be a Saturday, so keep a lookout for... Saturdays.

[SFM/FNAF] Cradles Animation: If you don't remember, I released some previews on an animation I'm doing on Source Filmmaker. Recently, I have gotten back into the project. I plan on finishing it, along with adding slight modifications to the previews I already released.

Chrysalis plays FNaF: 15.ai is down again, but even when it's open, I'm going to hold off from part 2, until two things happen: the video reaches over 100 views, and I finish/start the previously mentioned projects.

Stay tuned, guys. I'm quiet, but progress is being made.

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