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We Bare Bears: The Truth Or Never Again Chapter 11 Alone By The Lake · 12:21am March 2nd

After running away from the group, into the wilderness to be alone, Panda slowed himself down, a fair distance away from his brothers and the group. He got on his knees, and knelt in the dirt while his heart couldn’t get any colder or any more broken. Sobbing was the only thing he could do to just let his feelings out without anyone getting in the way. He wanted to head back home but he knew that he was on the other side of the woods, further away from his cave than he was comfortable walking by himself.

He needed his privacy for his own benefit, but even he can’t even have that at the location he’s in. With his own will of getting back on his feet, he walked through the woods, traveling his own way instead of taking the trails he’s been taking all day. He panted again, after everything that he’d just been through, not a lot of air was in his lungs. And then he saw a lake in the distance. When he headed outside of the woods, he stepped onto the sand after weeks of cleaning. It was the same lake he, his brothers and Charlie went to to enjoy their summer day, all the while dealing with so many adults arriving after checking the hashtags online.

It smelled the same before it was trashed, which is all he hoped. With the ‘Keep Out, Toxic Lake’ sign still up, there hasn’t been a single human who stepped foot into the lake since then. He walked up to the lake’s edge, while looking into the water. It is safe for him to swim in the now clean lake, but he’s not in the mood, too depressed with his soul becoming more damaged with each passing minute. He sat on the sand, while still staring at the lake itself, without saying a single word since he ran away from the group.

“Panda! Panda!” Charlie shouted, while looking through the woods. He managed to follow in his footsteps after recognizing all the animals he’s been with, including the bears. When he headed to his private lake, he saw his friend sitting all alone. He may not have seen everything involving the situation, but he didn't forget what Panda meant from before. When he took his steps closer to him, Panda didn’t care, even in the slightest.

“You’re feeling that Lucy didn’t take it well as you thought she would when she found out?” He asked.

“More like hitting rock bottom in the centre of the lake.” Panda responded from his depressed tone.

Charlie decided to sit next to Panda, while trying to be as nice as possible. “Look, if there’s anything you need to feel better, we can play a board game together.” He smiled while wrapping his arm around Panda, which didn’t phase him whatsoever. “Or maybe you can hang out with one of my animal friends.” His friend yet again didn’t phase at all, as if it won’t change how he feels right now. “Or we can go to your place and watch one of your favorite shows and movies.”

“Charlie, as much as I appreciate the gesture, I’m not in a mood to watch anything.” Panda responded while taking Charlie's arm off of him. “If you saw what I did back there, you would know how personal this is. If anything, it’s only gonna make me more empty inside, to think my relationship with Lucy isn’t worth it anymore.”

When Charlie took the words into consideration, he felt sympathetic towards him, but he knew his friend needed his own space. He stood back up, stepping away from him. “You know, love isn’t the answer to everything.” He responded.

“Then you don’t know what it feels when it comes to you.” Panda replied.

His friend couldn’t agree more from that statement, after learning that the snake babies were from their real mother. If he ever tried to take his first step in a romantic relationship, it’s always a long road to have babies of his own. He decides to leave Panda alone, without reminding him.

As for Panda, he looked at his hands again with the water shimmering from the light. All he can think of is how he’s gonna move on from this. His brothers tried to help out when he found out about Lucy being with Kale, but this was far more depressing knowing that Lucy finally found out about his secret. Time won’t make it up whenever he does something to himself. All he can do for the rest of the afternoon is to sit down, while regaining his breath.

In the subway station of San Francisco, a train stopped for the next group of passengers from different states to disembark. The sliding doors opened, allowing the passengers to experience the city for the first time. The final passenger took her first step outside of the subway train, after that, the slide doors closed and the train departed.

She headed outside to look at the city of San Francisco with hundreds of people in every direction. She’s already late to join in with Grizz and the group after the many delays she went through over the past week. She can’t do any of the previous activities, but it’s not gonna stop her. She saw a local store that sells maps of not only the city, but also the wilderness.

“Even if he didn’t find my phone again,” She looked at her phone with the panda icon. “He’s gonna be happy once I tell him the good news.” She wasted little time as she headed inside to buy herself a map of the wilderness, outside of San Francisco.

Back at the archery area, no one in the group has taken out a single bow or arrow. Grizz and Ice Bear are standing alone, dealing with their brother’s absence. The Poppy Rangers kept looking at Ranger Tabes, sitting on the grass, feeling depressed without giving a single instruction. Chloe sat with Clifford, who’s in tears after his friend Panda ran away.

Kale spent most of the time walking all over the place with his hands on his hips. On one hand he didn’t expect Panda to defend himself after his girlfriend found out but on the other hand, it didn’t change the fact Panda didn’t take it too well. He turned to Lucy who’s also sitting on the ground with her arms wrapping around her legs. She regrets snapping at Panda, however it’s hard for her to over think the idea of him, once being in love with her.

“Are we just gonna stay here doing nothing during the whole day now?” Murphy wondered.

“What about archery?” Nguyen pointed at the targets.

“I don’t think we’re gonna do archery today.” Kale looking at the Poppy Rangers. “It’s been thirty minutes and we’re supposed to be doing our next activity.”

“We’re skipping on that too.” Ranger Tabes standing up. “Panda came up with this camping trip and by the looks of it, there’s no point in continuing it.” She turned to the Poppy Rangers while trying to be kind. “Sorry rangers, but this trip is cancelled.”

All the rangers became disappointed after doing most of the activities, but not doing the rest. The idea of learning about Panda’s secret didn’t bother them, but knowing he came up with his whole camping trip idea, they don’t know if they’re ever going to meet him again.

“So...we’re just gonna pack up and head home?” Chloe wondered, while Clifford sniffed his nose.

“But we can’t just leave Panda alone.” He sobbed.

“We'll take care of it.” Grizz responded. “But I doubt he’s gonna leave our cave until he’s ready.”

“Ice Bear won’t make any promises if Pan Pan comes into the light.” Ice Bear commented.

“Let’s be real,” Kale walked up to the bears. “I may never know what it feels to be like your brother, but what I do know, I’m sure he’s not gonna get help from anyone after something like  this.”

“But he can’t stay like this forever.” Grizz replied.

Lucy got on her feet upon hearing everything from his friends. “You’re right.” She called which got everyone’s attention.

“Lucy, we knew you we’re gonna be upset, but taking out your anger on him was uncalled for, after you said you were more open minded.”

His girlfriend sighed while looking at the sky. “I know what I said, I thought what Panda meant was that he took advantage of me. But that’s when I overlooked the bigger picture.”

“You know we heard about his secret, we never tried to make you suspicious.” Ranger Tabes responded. “Overlooking is one thing, but none of us ever saw everything about his feelings.”

“I, for one did.” Clifford standed up. “By accident.”

“By accident?” Lucy turned to his brother.

“I would tell you, but I don’t think he has it on his phone anymore.”

This made his brothers confused. They did use Panda’s phone a few times before, but never went through all of the apps or his information towards his friends.

“Maybe we need to head back to the cave and find his phone.” Grizz offered.

“Agreed.” Ranger Tabes standing up. “If you can help with your brother, maybe we can get back to the trip.”

Then Lucy came up with a thought. For every time she pays a visit to the cave, she never goes into all the rooms, as she had no good reason to. But at the same time, she respects privacy from others. “Okay, this may be a bit pushy but…can we go through Panda’s things so...we can…”

“It’s fine.” Grizz accepted. “We have a lot of private stuff in our rooms that we keep from each other.”

“Ice Bear’s room is bigger than a secret.” Ice Bear confessed.

“Is it okay if we can come?” Chloe offered with Clifford by her side.

“Sure.” Grizz replied.

“What about us?” Diaz wondered.

“How about I’ll take you to the next destination of the trip?” Ranger Tabes offered. “But if Panda doesn’t come back, I’m sending all of you home.”

The Poppy Ranger has no other choice other than to take their leader’s word. “Alright.” Parker said.

As Ranger Tabes take the Poppy Rangers, Grizz and the others head back to the cave even for how far away it is after beginning the trip. But they’re not gonna end the day of leaving Panda all by himself. If anything, the more they see from him, the more they can figure something out, especially for Lucy and Kale after learning about it today.

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