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We Bare Bears: The Truth Or Never Again Chapter 9 Open Minded Against Anger · 8:30pm February 22nd

All the way on the other side of the forest, quite a ways away from the group, Ice Bear and Kale are placing targets after Ranger Tabes took them out of their hiding spot. She didn’t have the time to set up the archery activity last night so she needed Grizz and Panda to take the Poppy Rangers away from her location, so that she, Kale and Ice Bear could set them up.

“I really appreciate you two helping me setting up the archery targets.” Tabes smiled.

“No problem, we’re almost done placing the targets.” Kale replied.

“Ice Bear is ready to show off his archery talents.” Ice Bear commented.

“Is Lucy back with the bows and arrows?”

As Tabes turned around, she saw Lucy carrying a bow case and two quiver bags filled with arrows. With them being quite heavy, she couldn’t move her legs any faster and her shoulders were getting weaker by the second.

“Maybe having her taking both the bows and arrows wasn’t a good idea.”

“I’ll help her.” Tabes responded. She knew Lucy wasn't able to carry two things at once, but she wanted to make sure she doesn’t get any closer to Panda until the time is right.

Just when Lucy took another step, she tripped, causing her to land on her knees. “Can some please help me?”

“I’m on my way!” Ranger Tabes walked up to her while taking one quiver off of her, while also lifting the bow case. “Sorry I didn’t help you earlier, I had to check out how the targets are set up.”

“It’s fine.” Lucy said, getting onto her feet. “I understand setting up so many activities can be frustrating, but I’m not mad or anything.”

As they headed back to the others, they placed the equipment on the ground. Ranger Tabes decided to sit on the ground to take a break now that the archery was all set up.

“Should we find Grizz and the others so we can begin this activity?” Kale asked.

“How about we all take a break? I remind him where we’re gonna be, so everything’s under control.” Tabes replied.

This will be the perfect time for Kale to talk to her girlfriend about Panda, however he doesn’t know where to start after the outburst he dealt with nearly thirty five minutes ago.

“Sure, we still have until nightfall to head back home.”

“Ice Bear can last a full day for the ride.” Ice Bear sitting on the ground.

“So what are we gonna do to pass the time?” Lucy spoke, while also sitting on the ground.

“How about we talk about Panda.” Tabes offered which took Lucy by surprise, after only talking to Panda just once today.

“Is this about how he’s feeling? Because it’s bothering me since he came up with this idea.”

Tabes scratched at the back of her head, feeling unsure if expressing Panda’s feelings to Lucy would make her upset. “It’s not that he’s depressed, he’s just stressed out.”

“Stressed out? I’m pretty sure the ring toss activity would’ve kept him satisfied.”

“Playing a simple game doesn’t solve everything.”

“It’s true.” Ice Bear added.

Lucy wandered onto why Panda had been disappearing from time to time, including being in charge with Grizz for the Poppy Rangers. She wanted at the very least to see him enjoying the whole camping trip along with the later activities being better than the previous ones.

“Lucy.” Kale spoke which caught her girlfriend’s attention. “Do you ever get the feeling that Panda is different, compared to his brothers?”

“I thought all the bears are the same for how fun they are. Sure, I barely have spare time unlike they do, but they’ve never done anything that’s bothered me before.”

Both Tabes and Kale looked at each other, while Ice Bear became more confused than he thought. For how long this was happening since he and his brothers met her, it’s unreal that she never felt suspicious in any way.

“You’ve never seen what the bears do when they’re alone, haven’t you?” Tabes turned her attention to Lucy. “I don’t blame you, but I’ve met the bears quite a few times, since they live in the forest.”

“Ice Bear has met Dana Tabes more than twenty times.” Ice Bear added.

“I guess that is true. If I didn’t have the job of running a small business, I would catch on to everything about the bears.” Lucy thought. “But on the other hand, Grizz and Ice Bear always help me during Fruit Friday and Panda barely helps me, because he’s not strong enough to carry the deliveries.”

While Kale might know that Panda might have gone to Fruit Fridays a few times, it’s unbelievable he’s the only bear Lucy has only the faintest knowledge of. Of course even a slight hint of his secret could make her severely misunderstand the reason why.

“Do you ever wonder what he thinks about you?” Upon hearing her boyfriend’s question, Lucy became speechless. She knows how much his brothers think about her, but from Panda, too insignificant to remember. She remained silent, while still processing for an honest answer from herself.

“Lucy.” Ranger Tabes called.

“I don’t know what to say, to be honest.”

“What about the dance competition between you and Panda?” Kale recalled. “You told me he made a song about you and you liked it.”

“Ohh now I remember.”

“He made a song about her?” Ranger Tabes turned to Ice Bear who nodded.

“It was one of the only things he gave me as a friend.”

This caused her friends to flinch in concern, but didn’t think she was far off the right track with Panda. “Lucy, when someone writes a song about you, it’s usually in a way where...where...” Kale tried to describe it but he knows it’s not gonna sit well. 

“Wait, you mean…” Lucy, finally catching on which causes Kale to nod.

Lucy stopped herself while finally taking the realization of how Panda really feels about her. Since that day he has hung out with him and his brothers, she never forgets how Panda acted differently and very unlike his brothers. From the way he talks, from the way he’s shy, and from the way he acts when he’s around her. Although while learning about it, it made her a little suspicious.

“I doubt that’s the truth about him.” She responded, while making a straight face.

“It’s the truth.” Ranger Tabes added.

“Did he tell you about this?”

“Yes he did.”

“Then how come he didn’t tell me about it? This doesn’t make any sense.” She then gets on her feet, which took her friends by surprise. “Panda’s not my type, but I wouldn’t be this hard on him if I had known about this a lot sooner.”

“But Lucy.” Kale walked up to her after standing up. “You don’t know him a lot.”

“Yes I do. He has allergies that could kill him.”

Ranger Tabes and Ice Bear also got up trying to help out as much as they can. “That’s besides the point.” Tabes added. “What would you feel if Grizz and Ice Bear feel what their brother is feeling?”

“Would I blame them? No!” Lucy took a deep breath to calm herself down. “The thing is, I’m open minded about things like this, if they tell me what’s really going on from the get-go.”

Kale and Tabes both look at each other from hearing Lucy's response. “Open minded?” They responded.

“Yes. When I was little I became upset once or twice over a truth from my friends. The more I think about it, the truth, coming from my closest friends wasn't as horrible as I initially thought.”

This caused Kale to place his hands on his hips. “We all went through something like that when we were in middle school, all of us had to learn about it sooner or later.”

“No, what I mean is, I overreacted too much.” Lucy placed her hand on her forehead. “Keeping secrets can be a bad thing if they’re serious, but my friends would be respectful to me. They helped me with my chores, homework and when I’m down. I’m sure Panda wouldn’t be this selfish to do anything just to get what he wants.”

Her friends are still not sure since they also don’t know a lot about Panda’s crush towards Lucy. Ice Bear is afraid of what his brother will deal with far sooner than he would’ve expected. Even with Lucy stating she can take it normally without overreacting, he knows his brother won’t take it well.

Kale only learned about the truth an hour ago and he already knows how sensitive Panda is after he freaked out. He barely showed any evidence to his girlfriend, only knowing the bears since meeting them in the Limo. If only Lucy knew Panda a little more, maybe he would have said a lot about him instead of giving him a papaya.

“Lucy, when Panda comes back with the rangers, are you gonna talk to him about this?” Ranger Tabes wondered.

“I would, but on a day where we should enjoy this camping trip, I should save it when I’m done with work on Monday.” Lucy replied. “Are you gonna join me Kale?”

“This is important so yeah, I have to join.” He responded.

Meanwhile, Clifford got out of the trail that he went to with the group. He was starting to hyperventilate, after walking for fifteen minutes in the forest, all alone without anyone catching him. Just when Lucy is about to take out the first bow from its case, she notices that his brother is all alone, without anyone to protect him.

“Clifford!?” She reacted as she ran past her friends, taking them by surprise when they turned around. As she got up to him, she took out the inhaler and gave it to her brother. “Do you just come all the way here by yourself, without the bears or the Poppy Rangers?”

“I had to…” He responded while breathing from the inhaler.


“Because...it’s something I should’ve told you long ago about what really happened between me and Panda.”

Lucy raised an eyebrow, now knowing little about how Panda is feeling about her, and as of her friends, they can tell it’s beginning to get worse from here on out. “Just knowing that Clifford doesn’t talk with strangers a lot, I don’t think I have to wait until Monday.” Kale responded.

“And Panda’s definitely not ready for this.” Tabes added.

Ice Bear didn’t say a word, fearing what can happen in just a matter of time, his brother will never live this down.

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