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Don't know if these are legit, but they look cool! · 8:39pm February 20th

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Yes, they do look beautiful :pinkiehappy:

Nature, the original master artist. XD

That hubble telescope tweet is an absolute hoax. A beautiful piece of art, but you can tell from the scale and amount of detail in the clouds and the land that it's fake.
This is an example of what the earth look like from just in our orbit, it looks more like a painted sphere.

Couldn't find a source for the iceberg hand photo, but I only did surface-level Google searches and it's definitely highly plausible. The other two seem to be legitimate.

Agreed, the Hubble one is a hoax. Al Gore explains it best in An Inconvenient Truth when he says that if the earth were the size of a basketball, and you painted it with a layer of varnish, then that layer would be about the same to-scale thickness of the atmosphere.

It's a little thicker than that, more like a layer of gel. It can look a lot thinner until the light hits it just right.
I wouldn't advise using Al Gore as a valid source of scientific information.

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