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Retcon Story Blog Part 2 · 1:26pm February 1st

This post contains major spoilers for the story Retcon. If you haven't read Chapter Eleven yet, don't read this!

So, we're eleven chapters in, hope you've been enjoying the story so far! I didn't really have any idea how the story might be recieved or if it might not be seen by anyone at all, so to those of you who have popped by and had a look, thank you!

Now here we are; Chapter Eleven, and the big secret is out! I'm writing this before the chapter goes up so I'm hoping the reveal goes down well. But yes, this was the original concept for Retcon from way back after Season 2 ended, when there was a sudden influx of fantastic and wildly creative changeling stories. Since there were only the two episodes featuring changelings, the authors of those stories would fill in the gaps of the lore with whatever they came up with, whatever fit the story they wanted to write. Changelings were almost a blank canvas, and a brilliant well of creative potential.

Since then, the changelings have featured in further episodes in the show. Like I said in the story release blog, I haven't watched the show since the end of season 3, so I'm unfamiliar with the way the official lore has changed. I dunno who these Larynx and Abdomen fellers are!

Now that we've reached this stage of the story, I wanted to give a heads-up that nothing from season 4 and onwards will be taken into consideration. This is partly since I've been an outsider to the show for so long and wouldn't be able to do the new stuff justice, but mainly because I wanted to stay authentic to the original concept. The idea began during that post-S2 boom of changeling fics, back when 'anything goes' with regards to changeling lore. That was a fantastic time to be active on this site. I wanted to try and go back to that time with Retcon. I may have written it over the course of 2020, but this is a 2012 fanfic at its core.

By the way, how are you folks doing on the ciphers? :twilightsmile:

Take care everyone! Thanks for giving me a shot!


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I’ve got all the ciphers down, but still can’t make sense of when deciphered what most of their context is. Have a feeling I’ll be rereading this.

You are doing great on the story! It’s quite unique.

The ciphers are definitely a nice touch. Got a notepad for that and noting down... well, just about everything, I guess.
Story-wise, I love it so far. An amnesiac protagonist is really fun to read (Dan Brown's Inferno comes to mind, at least the first part of it), and the other characters are also a joy.
Hope she will be OK.
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