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Adan Druego

When mom say "Call Daddy" on your sister's phone and yours starts ringing. Oops...

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  • Sunday
    A natural result after a natural act.

    The face you make when your sister said: Just don't mess up my hair, okay?


    Hours later and she's still...

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  • Saturday
    G5 Izzy's much more preferable than real world diversity and inclusion combined.

    I saw the G5 movie. Izzy's so cute.

    It kind of reminded me of the first time I ever saw a black in real life.

    That day was weird.

    Seriously, I don't think I'd seen one of their kind before, so it was a noteworthy experience.

    Nowadays, they're everywhere, so bleh...

    That's putting it politely.

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  • 1 week
    The Feel Awkward Film Of The Decade

    I Know What You Two Did While I Was At The Store

    Tagline: There's really no thrill in getting caught.


    Cozy Glow as Mother

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  • 1 week

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  • 2 weeks

    I remember when it happened, it was not pleasant. That day caused alot of suffering for so many people.

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What? · 7:40am January 21st

1. Reparations
2. No Bail
3. Release All Prostitutes From Jail
4. No Death Penalty
5. Free Education
6. Free Health Care
7. Defund The Police
8. Cute The Military Budget
9. Redistribute The Wealth
10. Publicly-Financed Campaigns

Do the blacks honestly expect us non-blacks to accept this garbage?

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