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We Bare Bears: The Truth Or Never Again Chapter 4 Jealous...Because You Don't Think That You're Good Enough · 7:41pm January 14th

The Bears, along with the Poppy Rangers head to shore after paddling in the river for fifteen minutes. Four pegs are layed out with multiple piles of rings at the other side for the group to play with. When Panda got out of his boat along with Ice Bear and Chloe, he’s considering talking to Kale in the open spot, but he’s still unsure of the situation, nervously hoping no one will eavesdrop on him.

Ranger Tabes takes the rangers while Lucy heads to Kale after he helps her brother out of his boat. The bears and Chloe head to the piles of rings as they begin to play the ring toss game.

“So Tabes.” Grizz smiled with three rings in his hand. “When we’re done playing this game, are we gonna get back to hiking?”

“Yes, the only difference is, we’re gonna be picking apples and different fruits along the way.” Tabes responded. “I bought several mesh bags for us to put the food in.”

“And you're still gonna make my brother sandwiches...in some way?” Lucy added. “Not that I’m concerned, just reconsidering.”

“Don’t worry, I had apple sandwiches during lunch.” Clifford replied.

“You like apple sandwiches?” Murphy chimed in. “You should try different kinds of sandwiches.”

“Like grape sandwiches?” Diaz said, walking up to Clifford. “You can’t be allergic to grapes.”

“Maybe we can discuss this when we’re done here.” Kale added. “After all, we haven’t tossed our rings yet.”

As the group began to toss their rings on the pegs, Panda, on the other hand sat off to the side, watching his friends. He doesn’t have the interest to play a simple game, even with his brothers. He saw Lucy waiting in line with her boyfriend throwing his rings, managing to get a ring on all of the pegs with all of his throws.

“Kale! You didn’t miss a single peg!” Chloe cheered.

“Ice Bear has competition to beat.” Ice Bear spoke while impressed.

With the group giving praise to Lucy’s boyfriend, it only made Panda a little bit more worried. Instead of asking Kale to have a private conversation, he heads to the open spot to give himself some privacy. Just when Kale picked up the rings he tossed, he noticed that Panda was walking away, past the trees.

“Is Panda leaving us?” Lucy pointed, while her boyfriend gave her the rings.

“I doubt it, it feels like he’s not having fun with us.” Kale added.

Just before Grizz threw his ring, he stopped himself when Kale walked past him which made him realize what his brother needed. “This is not gonna go well for him.” He thought.

Panda arrived at the open spot while looking at the sunlight reflecting off the leaves. From the looks of the trees, it’s impossible for anyone to eavesdrop or peek in on him. He painted in his head that his situation was getting worse and worse by the minute. “How will I be better friends with Lucy if her boyfriend talks to her about this?” He said to himself. “It’s like no matter how hard I try, nothing good comes out of it.”

He then heard someone coming from behind, when he turned around, he saw Kale coming out of the brushes. “Panda?” He spoke with Panda staying in pace. “Why are you here? You're supposed to be with us, playing ring toss.”

“I’m not in the mood to ring toss.” Panda responded.

“Why, you're not good at it?” asked Kale.

“No, I just never played it before.” Panda responded.

“Hey, maybe when I’m done helping Ranger Tabes with the apple picking, we can do the next activity as partners.”

Panda doesn't know what the next activities are available, but he also wants to know Kale more as a friend. If he spent the whole trip walking and sitting in the back of the group, he won’t be able to enjoy himself.

From the other side of the forest, Charlie is walking through the brushes, finding one of his animal friends to play a board game with him. “Man, it’s really boring to play chess alone without a friend to play with ya.” He said while looking around until he saw Panda from a distance. “Hey, maybe Panda may play chess with me!”

Just when he’s getting closer and closer to the open spot, he realizes there’s a black human talking to him. He would’ve stayed away from them due to his fear, but he felt suspicious. He slowly heads to the open spot so he can hear Panda and Kale.

“Kale, if we do become partners of an activity, I wouldn’t be fully cooperative.” Panda responded. “It’s just we’re not the same kind of person.”

This only made Kale confused from that statement. “You mean...as human and animal?”

“True, but not the right answer.” He crossed his arms while not making any eye contact with Kale. “I’m not stronger and better skilled than you.”

“You’re right, but on the other hand, I’ve heard you're improving in art class.” Kale smiled.

“Have you ever gone to art class in your teenage life?”

“Only once, during the ninth grade. It’s safe to say that art isn’t my specialty.”

Panda didn’t expect Kale to be a lower average artist than him. He’s aware he’s fully into anime and a cosplayer, however there’s a lot to know a person with their flaws being shown.

“Everyone can’t be perfect, but to me...you’re the definition of perfect.” When he looked at Kale again, he wanted to make his first step of slightly revealing his secret. “Do you understand that’s what Lucy expects from a boyfriend?”

Kale thought about Panda’s question. Since day one when he became Lucy’s boyfriend, he did a lot by helping her during his free time. “Yes, but not technically if you meant it that way.” He responded. “What makes you think that?”

“Because...I not…that...” He tried to speak out with Kale putting his full attention on him. “I’m...not that…” His lungs were losing air by the second, sweating with his fear coming close to reality. He can’t even imagine how Kale would feel when he finds out about his secret. But until he opened his mouth, Kale spoke, causing him to mute himself for a few seconds.

“Are you jealous?”

“What?” Panda blinked.

“Jealous...Because you don’t think that you’re good enough?”

Silence hung in the open spot of the forest. While Kale is taking this conversation normally like a friend, Panda wasn’t expecting an answer this random, but still exactly on point. Charlie never knew that Panda had a crush on a human girl and by the looks of it, his friend’s situation isn't getting any better.

“Well if you put it that way, I am trying to improve to be a better person for Lucy, if it offends you and her.”

Then Kale walked up to him, wrapping his arm around Panda. “Panda, it’s one thing to improve yourself from your flaws, but jealousy is the last thing you should feel.” He confessed. “If you're that disappointed in yourself, it makes me believe you can’t handle change from the way you left the limo when I met you and your brothers.”

Panda places his hand on his forehead, now officially realizing that Kale is catching on. “So I guess we won’t be having a private conversation, right?”

“If you tell me about your jealousy, we may be able to work this out without a difficult discussion.”

This was the moment for Panda to confess his feelings, although it won’t change anything when Lucy inevitably finds out about it. He whispered into Kale’s ear, being honest in his quiet tone of voice.

“I once had a crush on Lucy.”

As he backed away from him, Kale kept his expression unflinching. It gave him the whole picture of the black and white bear’s entire motivations. However he’s still unsure if his girlfriend will take it as easy as him when she finds out.

“Don’t talk this the wrong way, but Lucy won’t be happy when I talk to her about this.” He said, backing away from Panda.

“That’s what I’m most afraid of. I haven't even talked to her since we started this trip.”

“And from hearing what you just said, I really don’t blame you.” Kale then headed back to the others until he turned his head to Panda. “If you don’t want me to tell her, you have to do it yourself.” He went through the forest, leaving the bear all alone in the sunlight.

Panda usually expects Kale to take it hard like some of the citizens in San Francisco, but he isn’t that type of person. Time after time of hiding some of his personal feelings will be a thing of the past, unfortunately no happiness will come out when he reaches the end of the line.

Charlie then slowly stood up, after he heard everything from his best buddy. Panda slowly turned around, not all that surprised to see his friend showing up out of the blue. “How long were you listening to that.”

“Since he said he wants to be partners with you in the next activity you guys will be doing.” Charlie said.

Out of all the people he needed help with, he can’t imagine how Charlie would help his situation. “You do realize I need privacy at times like this.”

“I’ve had privacy when I’m alone many times before...and I don’t mind any animal joining in.”

“Yeah, I understand.” Panda sat in front of one of the trees. “I’m just bummed out right now.”

His bigfoot friend decided to sit by him, knowing this isn’t like any other problem Panda is dealing with. “Who’s Lucy?” He asked.

“She’s a young adult running a produce stall. It all started when I ate a cookie that had nuts in it, I fainted and she used an allergy pen. And that’s when I fell...in…” Charlie covered his mouth before he would finish.

“Don’t say anything, I know what it is. Starts with an L and ends with an E.”

“You know your kindness isn’t calming me down.” Panda retorted while moving Charlie’s hand. “I’m in hot water and I'm struggling to get out.”

“But you can’t just give up.”

“Charlie, Lucy may be a very nice person, but she still has dignity for herself. I rather have Kale talk to her, so that there’s less pressure on me.”

He gets up from the ground, giving himself a moment of peace by taking a deep breath. Charlie also gets off the ground while giving Panda his space. “I want you to understand that your life in society, I would never have that.” He spoke which caused Panda to open his eyes. “I’ve spent most of my life in the woods, while staying away from humans. Other than Ranger Tabes.”

“Yes I know, she told me she needed your help when Kirk was gone.” Panda looking up at the sky. “What’s your point?”

“I may not be an expert with the L word, but I’m sure Lucy would understand.”

“That’s what Kale told me, what and how can Lucy understand this situation?”

“Maybe you can be a little more honest about her, from most of the times you’ve hung out with her. Then you can reveal your feelings when you feel you’re ready.”

Panda would ask his brothers for advice, but Charlie’s advice isn’t bad whatsoever. “I’ll consider talking to her when I’m ready.” He turned around while looking Charlie in the face. “Thanks for respecting and understanding what I’m dealing with.”

“Hey, from going to the hospital to stopping Ralph twice, I’m sure you can handle this with her.”

This gave Panda an idea for what he can do later during his trip with his friends. While he’s waiting until he’s ready to talk to Lucy, he’s considering being Kale’s partner in the meantime.

“See you later Charlie.” Panda waved. “I’ll make it up to you before you come over to my cave next time.”

“Don’t worry about me, I’ll find someone else to play chess with me.” He then leaves the open spot of the forest to find someone to play with him. Panda also left the open spot to head back to his friends.

“As long as I keep it cool, everything will be alright.”

Took a full month to get back to this fanfic. Luckily, I've been working on the 5th chapter after finishing this one. I would discuss more about this show but there's really nothing even if Charlie is part of this. All I can say is he and Panda have a close relationship in the show, and I'm not a shipper of it, no offense.

Chapter 5 Clifford's History With Babysitters

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