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This page is for the lewd and depraved writing concocted by Septia. Naturally, only the pony related gets posted here. For the rest of my work, head to my Eka's or FurAffinity.

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  • Friday
    Aftermath Canvas

    Sometimes, the magnitude of life becomes apparent. If I look to the horizon, everything eventually shrinks, further and further away from me, its relevance diminishes. And yet, the path to that horizon is long, far beyond my sight. All things that my mind glosses over, laid out before me.
    Until, I turn around. And face another horizon.

    How much, am I not seeing?

    Happy Clean Filthy Friday~.

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  • 1 week
    A Weary Traveller Gains a Friend.

    Today we have the conclusion to last week's story, when all comes to a boiling point, how will our Diamond Dog react?

    Happy Filthy Friday~.

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  • 2 weeks
    February Artpack unleashed and bone breaking

    Almost a year ago now, I took part in the Lustful Lent Pony Artpack, and today I'll start posting the story submitted for it. It has been a lot of fun, and I am eager to work with them more~.

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  • 3 weeks
    A Dangerous Encounter

    I saw them far away, they did not consider me at first. I had seen such many times, and they became but a fleeting image passing the balcony of my senses.
    Yet, something curious happened: they saw me.

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  • 4 weeks
    Back to regular Broadcasts.

    Time stretches on, with you in tow or not. It asks not to keep up pace, merely to stay on the path. Each a step, after another.
    But what if, there really was something beyond?
    Beyond the veil of the route that engraves existence, beyond our grasp of life?
    Is that a place we can walk to, or do we simply fall over the edge?

    Happy Filthy Friday~.

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Scratches That Itch · 10:30pm January 8th

Will a scrape heal has it still a scab? Certainly so. The scab can shield the wounded area as it mends. And yet, scabs have a ceratin odd air to them, and many rather have it removed. Without the scab, a scrape still heals. At times exposure to the outside elements is what mends, in others the clear seclusion protects. It depends how deep the issues go.

Happy Filthy Friday~.

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