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We Bare Bears: The Truth Or Never Again Chapter 3 Lucy & Tabes · 4:08am Dec 13th, 2020

After Clifford got in his Poppy Ranger uniform, the entire group began their hike into the wilderness. Lucy, Kale, Grizz and Ranger Tabes are leading the group along the trail, while Panda and Ice Bear are staying behind the group to keep an eye on everyone. They’re about a mile away from the river, where some wooden boats are resting on the shore of, which is their next big activity. All they’re doing right now is looking at the trees and taking in the beauty of Mother Nature

“I think I’ve been to this place before.” Lucy said, looking at her surroundings.

“You have?” Ranger Tabes asked with a hint of surprise in her voice, looking at Lucy.

“Well...when I first met the bears that is, we had quite a bit of fun here.”

This gives Tabes a fresh liking to Lucy, along with it being the first time she’s spending an extended period of time with her. “Tell me about it, I’ve spent more time getting help from them, whenever I’m hunting down creatures.”

“You hunt down creatures around here?” Kale asked.

“Yeah, and she loves doing it.” Grizz added. “Whenever justice is needed, she’ll take full advantage of the opportunity.”

Lucy and Kale couldn’t get the full story about Ranger Tabes when she was busy to make this day happen. At first they thought she’s just doing her job as a ranger, but little did they know, there’s a lot needed to understand her like the bears do.

“Hey I was wondering Tabes.” Lucy asked. “If the Poppy Rangers need any help with food, I’m willing to think of something simple to make for lunch.”

“Like the kind of sandwiches you make for your brother?” Tabes quizzed, pointing at Clifford.

“She made me olive sandwiches for breakfast.” He responded.

Lucy looked at the Poppy Rangers and Chloe from behind. She remembered how cautious she was to make sure her brother doesn’t suffer an allergic reaction. “Do you know what these kids like to eat?”

“I’ll tell them before lunch. Once I get the answer-”

“I’ll do the food picking.” Kale smirked. “Trust me, I do this when I get hungry during hiking.”

“That’s great!” Grizz smiled.

“Looks like I’ve got a helping hand for food picking.” Ranger Tabes said, making a confident look.

“You don’t have to mention it, when I’m around, I’m here for help.”

At the back of the group, Panda can sneakily eavesdrop on the conversation between Ranger Tabes and Lucy. He’s totally fine with Kale being around, but with the mental image of answering his question from before, all the while exposing the truth is something he won’t be looking forward to tonight.

“Panda?” Parker turned her head. “Is there something wrong?”

Panda woke up from his daydreaming and paid attention to one of the Poppy Rangers. “Nothing, nothing at all.” He responded.

“Are you sure?”

“Because it feels like you're struggling a bit.” Murphy added.

“I’m not struggling, it’s just that the last time I went to the forest, I always got into unfortunate situations.” Panda looking at the trees.

“That’s not untrue. Sure it’s scary during the night, but during the daylight, it’s harmless.”

“If you're feeling this way, why did you come along in the first place?” Parker asked again.

“Ice Bear wants every brother to come along.” Ice Bear spoked. “No matter what trip it is.”

“It’s not that, I mean yes, we brothers stick together, but we’re trying to help Kale.” Panda replied.

“You mean him?” Chloe pointed.


Chloe looks through her glasses at Lucy’s boyfriend. Even if she never talked to him since he arrived, it’s not gonna stop her from meeting him soon. “What are you going to do with him during this trip?”

“Like...doing an activity during hiking?”

“Yes. From what Tabes said, we’re going to be doing activities after we do rafting in the river.”

Panda didn’t read the schedule Tabes wrote, but Grizz had been visiting the Ranger Station to check on her, so his brother may know something. “I’ll talk to him before we go rafting.”

Just when Chloe put her focus back in her hike, she still had one more question. “Is there another reason why you decided to come?”

“Yeah, brothers or not, it feels like you're hiding something.” Parker added.

Panda begins to worry as more people get closer to discovering his secret, as if everyone was eying on him. It’s bad enough he had to deal with a conversation with Kale tonight, but the children raising more questions was the last thing he expected to happen today.

“Ice Bear wants his brother to enjoy himself.” Ice Bear said, helping out his brother.

Despite not liking the way their question was answered, two of the Poppy Rangers and Chloe turned their attention back to the front as they got closer to the river.

“Thanks Ice Bear.” Panda smiled as Ice Bear slightly closed his eyes in gesture.

The whole group walked for about seven to ten minutes in the woods. So far the bears have kept an eye on the kids, while Tabes and the others lead the way. Lucy finds herself enjoying the trip so far while she sees the river through the trees. “Looks like we’re getting close.”

The group got out of trail as they saw five boats on the sand with six paddles in each boat. Ranger Tabes made her way to the boats, beginning her next speech for the group.

“Now here’s something I’m sure you all got your boat rafting badge on.” She smiled.

“Boat paddling!” The Poppy Rangers cheered as they rushed to the boats. Once Lucy and the others saw the boats, they figured out how to keep the children satisfied while on the river, whoever they’re paired with.

“This is gonna be fun.” Clifford said excitedly, looking at the river.

“Wooah, you're still gonna stay in the middle, no matter what.” Lucy said concerningly, holding her brother’s arm tightly.

“Is it okay if I keep an eye on him?” Kale offered.

“Sure.” Lucy slowly handed her brother to her boyfriend as Kale got onto his knees to see Clifford at his level.

“Don’t worry Clifford, I’ll make sure you don’t fall in the water. Lucy already told me everything about you.”

“It’s fine, I’m starting to get used to you.” He spoke while sniffling through his nose.

Panda saw the way Kale was taking it easy on Lucy’s brother. He took it easy on him when he was babysitting him, but also realized he’s well out of his league. “Maybe I’m not qualified to be with Lucy.” He thought. “But I doubt she’ll forgive me if I tell her the truth.” He went to Grizz after he helped the Poppy Rangers set up their boat before hitting the river. “Grizz.”

“Yes Pan-Pan?” Grizz responded.

“What is the first activity we’re going to do after paddling?”

“We’re gonna do ring tossing, Tabes has already set it up, so we can start once we get there.” This gave Panda an idea for what he can do with Kale. “Does this have something to do with your....” He then leans into Panda’s ear. “Secret about Lucy?”

All that Panda did was nodded with Ice Bear walking up from behind. “Ice Bear’s here’s for brotherly back up.”

The two bears reacted upon looking at their brother. “I just want to have a talk with Kale alone.”

“Don’t worry.” Grizz smiled. “There’s an open spot just behind several trees. No one will be able to eavesdrop without us noticing.”

Without taking his time to think about his choice, Panda wants to set things straight, while making progress before talking to his former crush.

While Kale takes Clifford along with two of the Poppy Rangers in one of the boats, Lucy, and Tabes are taking Wallace in their boat. Panda decides to be in Ice Bear’s boat with Chloe while Grizz takes the rest of the Poppy Rangers. As they push the boats in the water, they start to paddle as soon as they get into the deeper part of the river. With the sun shining above the crystal clear water, everyone in their boats continue to paddle to their next destination.

“So...you're gonna talk to Kale once we start the ring toss?” Chloe asked, while turning her head to Panda from behind.

“Yes, but I’ll need privacy.” Panda answered.

“Ice Bear will make sure privacy is the number one priority.” Ice Bear spoke while still paddling.

While they continued to paddle for the next couple of minutes, Panda saw Lucy and Tabes paddling with Wallace in the middle. She feels more happy the more she gets to know Ranger Tabes. He's relieved everything is working out for her, but his hours are getting numbered quickly.

“Do you really need to do this? You don’t have to make things hard for yourself.” Chloe said.

“Chloe, if you were with us while we're hanging out with Lucy, you would understand how much I...you know what.” Panda slightly blushed.

“I’m sure she’ll understand where you're coming from after all this time.”

“Trust me, you're a bit too young to understand romance.”

The young ten year old girl rolled her eyes. “You know how smart I am. If you think she’s that respectful to you, she knows how respectful you are to her.”

“Ice Bear know’s Lucy’s qualities of kindness.” Ice Bear said, turning his head to his brother.

Panda tried to think of the positives in his situation for when the truth comes out. However the odds are way too high to even think about surpassing them. The only thing he can wish for is how everything will be like after today when he sees Lucy during Fruit Fridays.

In Lucy’s and Tabes boat, Lucy enjoyed her view of the forest on both the left and right, while also occasionally looking into the river. “This looks amazing.” She commented. “Tabes I was wondering?”

“Yes, Lucy?” Tabes turned her head.

“Maybe when I take the week off from work, can I be your Co-Ranger?”

Both Tabes and Wallace blinked from what they heard from Lucy. “Co-Ranger?” Wallace spoke.

“Sorry, but it takes time to understand the nature of animals in the forest.” Ranger Tabes responded. “I’ve came across so many animals whilst also keeping them safe and sound.”

“I know, but I can treat them with the proper respect.” Lucy smiled.

Then a look of realization came to Tabes face after remembering meeting Lucy for the first time. “You just want to hang out with me, right?”



Lucy looked at the other Poppy Rangers, while they’re paddling in their boats. “I found your job really fun to experience. It surprises me that the bears never told me about you before.”

As the ranger kept her attention on the river, she didn’t expect someone she never met before to make a gesture this honestly to her. “I don’t think we’re gonna work this out. Animals like rabbits eat carrots and other plants, not fruit or other things.”

“Yes, but I can handle the lessons of becoming a ranger like you. If it takes time, you can let me borrow your forest ranger journal.”

Ranger Tabes realized that most of the rangers who came over to her station were limited whenever she’s on duty. Even when she’s with Martinez, it’s mostly doing paperwork to double time. Same goes to the other rangers when it’s a serious emergency.

“I think I may have something for you to do.” Tabes said, coming up with a possible solution. “If you’re willing to read the whole journal by yourself, I can show you all the photos of the animals who live here. You can feed them, they enjoy getting fed from anyone who finds them cute and harmless.”

Then Wallace turned her head to Lucy. “We had to learn a lot to become a ranger. Poppy Ranger or just a normal ranger.” She added.

“No problem from me.” Lucy closed her eyes in happiness. “It took time until I opened my business of Lucy’s Produce. We always have to start somewhere to become better business people.”

“That’s true. I’ve worked in San Francisco and...let’s just say there was a lot of...damages of…”

“Wait, were you the same woman who saved a bird’s life while there were hundreds of broken cars on the road?” Lucy asked.

This caused Tabes to be offended, but had to learn from the consequences she’d inadvertently caused. “I’m sometimes a bit too into nature, animals often feel more important to me than anything else, please don’t judge me.”

“I’m not judging you, I wasn’t even suspicious.”

“Have you ever embarrassed yourself in front of everyone?”

“Probably once.” She responded as she saw Panda paddling. “Panda told me I was a terrible dancer and...I felt disappointed from what I heard from him. But he did apologize and we ended up winning the dancing competition...despite a lot of property damage.”

Ranger Tabes felt shocked and only thought she was the only human in San Francisco who messed up in sheer humiliation. Even if she embarrassed herself far worse than she’d liked to, Lucy still has a habit of damaging items while dancing. “Do you think that our flaws are what we have in common?” She asked.

“In an enthusiastic, but not damaging way, yes.”

This made Wallace dumbfounded after hearing everything from the two adults she’s paddling with. “You two are the biggest weirdos I have ever met.”

Then Lucy and Ranger Tabes also gave Wallace a dumbfounded look until they looked at each other. “We would definitely work this out as co-rangers together.” Tabes smiled.

“When the time’s right and the opportunity presents itself.” Lucy giggled.

This chapter wasn't hard to write actually despite being the longest chapter so far. Lucy & Tabes never made any interaction whatsoever, same goes to the other supporting characters. There's a slight chance that I'm do another chapter involving around the two adults but in the next chapters, another character will appear possibly. The next chapter will be called:

Chapter 4 Jealous...Because You're Not Good Enough?

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