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We Bare Bears: The Truth Or Never Again Chapter 2 Ranger Get Together · 4:48am Dec 5th, 2020

Writer's Note: Yes the chapter name is changed but the next chapter will be called Lucy & Tabes.

A week later, the bears are ready to head to the ranger station where Ranger Tabes, along with the Poppy Rangers are waiting. Almost an hour ago, Chloe got dropped off by her parents, so she can come with the bears for the camp trip. While Panda is cleaning himself in the bathroom, Grizz is checking though his laptop daily to get any updates from the dating website.

“Grizz.” Chloe said, waiting by the front door. “I don’t think she’s gonna arrive in time. We’re gonna be late.”

“I know.” Grizz responded. “I’m just trying to help Panda.”

“Did she respond?”

“Only a few. Which was six days ago when she promised to arrive in San Francisco in time for our trip.”

“Ice Bear predicts she’ll arrive later than expected.” Ice Bear said entering the living room.

Grizz took a deep breath and closed his laptop, he doesn’t have much time left, especially with the fact that he’s trying to keep it a surprise for his brother. “Maybe she’s not coming today. The train trip from Louisiana is a long trip. We’re just gonna have to try to make him feel better.”

“Guys, I’m ready.” Panda called to them, coming out of the bathroom which caught the attention of his brothers and Chloe. “I got a text from Lucy and she, Kale and Clifford are making their way to the Ranger station.”

“That’s good!” Grizz cheered. “Who’s ready for a whole day of traveling!”

Ice Bear and Chloe went silent, while they gave Panda an unsure look. “Is there anything wrong?”

“No, nothing wrong at all.” Chloe acting clam.

“Well we shouldn’t be late to the Ranger Station. Let’s make a head start.” Panda immediately   heads outside the cave, while the others are still unsure about him. Waiting 24/7 for her to arrive before they left for their trip was all they hoped but unfortunately, their time is up and they don’t have any choice now.

“We should talk to him about Lucy when we’re there.” Grizz said.

“Hope he feels alright about this.” Chloe confessed as she got on Grizz’s back.

At the Ranger Station, the Poppy Rangers are waiting outside until the camping trip begins. Meanwhile, Ranger Tabes is inside, finding her schedule she worked on for the past week.

“I can’t believe we’re going on a camping trip!” Murphy cheered.

“Not to mention we’re gonna have two other children to be part of our group just for today!” Parker smiled.

“Along with the other child’s older sister and her boyfriend.” Nguyen added.

“Poppy Rangers!” Ranger Tabes called while coming out of the station. “Remember that we’re being nice to everyone on this trip. It’s Grizz’s idea to help Kale with his girlfriend.”

“What are they going to do during the trip?” Wallace asked.

“They’re gonna help you with the activities along the way. But I’m sure you’ll be able to spend time with them.”

“TABES!” Grizz shouted from a distance.

“WE’RE COMING!” Panda also shouted. Ranger Tabes and the Poppy Rangers turned around and saw the bears running to them,stacked up on top of one another with Grizz carrying Chloe on his back at the top. They stopped in front of the rangers after running through the woods for the past ten minutes.

“Is that Chloe?” Diaz pointed.

“That must be.” Ranger Tabes placing her hands on her hips.

“Do I have to wear a uniform like them?” Chloe asked Tabes, pointing at the Poppy Rangers while getting off Grizz's back.

“Come on, it’s not that bad.” Tabes getting on her knee. “Yes, I’m aware you're in college...somehow, but the Poppy Rangers are fun to play with.”

Chloe looked at the rangers themselves. The times she went on a journey in the woods, it’s either with her family or the bears. “Are there any activities involved in this trip.”

“Besides setting up tents, yes. lots of activities”

“Then I’m ready to travel!” Chloe cheered with confidence.

Tabes takes Chloe inside the station to change into the ranger’s uniform. Grizz, Panda and Ice Bear got out of their stacking position. All that’s left is for Lucy, Clifford and Kale to arrive in any minute.

“How's my favorite rangers!” Grizz asked, walking up to the kids.

“Awesome!” Murphy jumped.

“I mean we’re not going to be sleeping in tents during the day, but walking the trails is enough for me.” Diaz added.

“I have a question.” Nguyen raised her hand. “Is Lucy really nice?”

“And her boyfriend and little brother?” Wallace added.

“The answer to her and Kale, yes but Clifford can be…” Grizz tried.

“He has allergies like I do.” Panda filling in. “Trust me, when he hyperventilates he needs his inhaler immediately.”

“Like Pan-pan!” Grizz wrapped his arm around his brother.

“Don’t worry about us Grizz.” Parker said, acting confidently. “Anyone who’s welcome in our ranger group even for one day will still be treated the same way as we do for each other.”

As the Poppy Rangers do their pose, Panda is looking forward to the trip itself. He knows the amount of times Grizz spend with Ranger Tabes and the Poppy Rangers with the activities involving hiking, camping and many more.

“And I can tell you, today is going to be an unforgettable day for all of us.” Panda smiled.

Then they heard an engine rumble in the distance. A black shining vehicle stops by the ranger station which also caught Tabes attention just when she’s finishing putting Chloe’s uniform on. And it’s just a matter of time for Clifford to put on his.

“That must be Kale’s car.” Grizz replied.

“Ice Bear’s ready to hang out with Kale.” Ice Bear commented.

Two car doors have been pushed open, revealing Lucy in her normal clothes and her boyfriend Kale with hiking gear. Lucy heads to the back to help Clifford out of his seat. It took her a week to find ways for her brother to stay safe during the whole trip, but Ranger Tabes said she’ll have everything under control.

Tabes got out of her station with Chloe in front of her. “Poppy Rangers, I introduce you to Lucy, her brother Clifford, and Kale, her boyfriend!”

Upon hearing the call, the Poppy Rangers immediately ran up to Lucy, much to her surprise. “Wow!” She reacted once she shut the car door.

“Are you the same person who runs the Lucy’s Produce stand in the farmers markets?” Diaz asked.

“Well...yes?” She responded. “My name’s on my market stand.”

Clifford began to sniffle. “It’s true.” He spoke.

“Hey, is this your brother Clifford?” Wallace asked.

“Yes but I want to make sure he’s away from harm during the whole trip.” Lucy answered while Ranger Tabes walked up to her.

“I’ve got everything under control, Lucy. If there’s anything bad that happens, my eyes will always be on your brother.” Tabes said, acting confident. “All I need to do is put him in a Poppy Ranger uniform and he’ll be a ranger to smell the outdoors.”

“Yeah. I still like the forest in San Francisco.” Clifford commented while walking up to Tabes.

“At least you're still in the mood to come with us.” Chloe smiled.

“Trust me when I say this, when he’s not sensitive to his allergens, it takes a while for him to find his enjoyment.” Lucy responded.

The Poppy Rangers look at each other for what they can do with Chloe and Clifford once the trip begins. “We'll take care of everything!” They all shouted.

Kale would love to meet Ranger Tabes and the other children, but his attention was on the bears, just when he got out of his car. As he made his way, the bears took notice upon his appearance.

“Kale, you're here.” Grizz spoke with excitement.

“With my hiking backpack.” Kale showed off his backpack to the bears. “I want to thank you for making this day happen.”

“Don’t mention it. We’re making sure that today is exactly what we planned out last week.” Panda added as Kale turned his attention to Panda.

“I know, from the way Ranger Tabes is in charge, I’ve got nothing to worry about.” Then Kale remembered something he had on his mind yesterday, just before he packed up for the trip. “Panda.”

“Yes?” Panda blinked.

“When I met you in the limo on the Golden Gate bridge, why did you run away?” He asked.

This caused Ice Bear and Grizz’s eyes to shoot open. They understand what happened with Panda during that day and they're lucky that he came back. And yet no one even told him what was going on with their brother.

Panda flinched once he heard Kale’s question. The only person he ever talked about his issue was T-Pain and no one else. Not to mention he’s regretful for rejecting the papayas Kale offered to him.

“Uhhh…” He tried to answer, but he refused to upset himself. Nor making his crush learn about his secret.



Grizz then steps in to help his brother. “Maybe we should talk about this at a later time. You know...when we’re not in public.” The brown bear made a nervous grin.

“Ice Bear prefers private conversations, behind closed doors.” Ice Bear added.

Kale had no response, but simply nodded, with a slightly confused expression. “Actually, I’m really curious, since Lucy told me it wasn’t the papayas.”

“He just has a habit of being too shy.” Grizz responded while Panda glared at him.

“No it wasn-” Ice Bear covered Panda’s mouth, cutting him off. “Mmm! Mmm! Mmmmm!!!”

Kale became even more curious from the way Panda reacted. “Is there something you want me and Lucy to know?”

Panda sighed in disappointment in himself. With a new question raised from Kale. “Not now, it’s not the time for that, especially while we’re traveling.” Panda spoke after Ice Bear let go of him. “Maybe after we’re done traveling, we can talk about this in the cave.”

Kale is not only ashamed of not getting an answer right away, but his curiosity is slowly getting higher. “Is it a promise?”

“It’s...not sure if it’s going to happen by chance.”

“Okay.” Kale then heads back to Lucy and the others to help them prepare for the trip.

“I got a feeling this is gonna follow me for the whole day.”

“Are you sure you're gonna talk to him about it tonight?” Grizz asked.

Panda looked at the sky while thinking about his decision. “I have no idea.”

“Ice Bear is afraid when not looking into the future.” Ice Bear looked concerned.

When I was doing the final paragraphs of this chapter, I needed to find a way to give Panda the struggle when it comes to his secret. While I don't know how many chapters this will get, it'll give me more time to flush out the reveal. Anyway, I should discuss show the information of Chloe, The Poppy Rangers, and Clifford.


Chloe is one of the supporting characters of We Bare Bears. She's intelligent and in her first appearance, she only uses the bears for research but she became friends with them at the end.

The Poppy Rangers

These characters only appear in a few episodes. They have a close relationship with Grizz but let's just say that not all of their episodes are good. But those are for episode blogs for review and I prefer videos of blogs.


I think the video speaks for itself. Other then More Everyone's Tube, this is the only time Clifford makes an appearance. But just by watching Lucy's Brother (The Episode), It's a missed opportunity to not have him get any more episodes. I will have a conversation with him and Panda so there's a continuation of what he said about others getting close to his sister.

Anyway, the next chapter will be about Lucy and Tabes for real.

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