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    An Update Long Past Due

    Been a long while, eh? It's been, what? since around February or so since I last updated CotE? Either way, waaaaayyyyyy longer than I've been hoping for. So what gives? Why the low amount of updates? Well, the news isn't all that great, unfortunately. To put it simply, throughout this and last year I've been in quite a bit of pain. Now, for the most part, this pain had been dull and on and off

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    Arrival Reworked and Other Updates

    Hey all! Just want you all to know that I went back and edited and changed a couple of details in the chapter Arrival. Not so groundbreaking that it requires a re-read, but may be something to peak your interest while I work on the next chapter.

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    December Update

    Oi vey has it been a bit, eh? Way longer than I wanted it to be for sure, but that's life. It can hit you hard and out of nowhere. Unfortunately for life, I've been fighting back just as hard. Oh, it had the advantage there for a while, but I'm a persistent bastard and now we're sort of even split. You better watch out life!

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    An Idea

    Hey all,

    I've been thinking. You know those bonus chapters on CotE? Well, I've been thinking of putting them in a separate side fic and coming up with more standalone chapters that I keep having ideas of to showcase some of the more slice of life in the Arctic-verse which aren't main plot essential.

    I'm curious of what you all think about this.

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    September Update


    Where have all the time gone? It's really already September? Oi vey...

    AND It's been a long while since the last chapter? Double Oi vey....

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Interesting Pony Game Demo I Found Plus Some Slight Self-promotion · 6:54am Jul 19th, 2020

Hey all!

I found an interesting pony game demo called Pony Tale Adventures and decided to have a little fun with it by recording a blind play through of it. From what I gather, it appears to be a sort of pony dating sim (with some visual novel influence) that, evidently, is eventually going to be NSFW, but nothing like that exists in its current version (Though some lewd jokes do exist). That said, I think that it's an interesting game with promising potential. If you like to see myself play through its current version, I've embedded the video down below. If not, I recommend looking into it yourself to see what you all think (provided that you are 18+ years of age.)

Here's the beginning of my blind play through!

Note: I encountered several audio problems due to rookie errors on my part sooooo it doesn't have the greatest sound quality.

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