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Open to Commissions - Terms and Conditions (I'm not good at asking for help, but this will hopefully be a good place to start) · 1:00pm Jul 12th, 2020

Okay, I've been thinking about what was said yesterday. I don't know if this will actually lead somewhere, if anything, but I've not got anything left to lose at this point, so I'll get into it. Firstly, before I get fully into this, I want to give my thanks to Gyro Pony for the idea. Honestly, asking for this kind of thing from others makes me uncomfortable and a little guilty, so I want that noted on the record.

I've slept on it and decided I might as well try my hand at doing commissions for fanfictions through PayPal. I've never done anything like this before, so this will be a whole new experience to me. Those of you who have read my stuff know what I'm most familiar with and the genres I can write, but in this scenario, I'd rather stick with my most experienced ones for the sake of getting through this smoothly. Alright, here's the deal:


I'm honestly not sure where to price these, but I don't think this is asking much for my skillset. This seems like a fair amount to start at for all commissions, non-negotiable.

  • £10 per commission (about $12 for those of you in America)

What I will write

  • Sad
  • Romance
  • Comedy
  • Dark
  • Horror
  • Slice of Life
  • Sci-Fi
  • Human in Equestria.

Word Limits

Anything between the 2K and 5K regions, which would make commissions fall into the one-shot / short story category. I'm not a fan of doing multi-chapter stories due to the time they take, and I'm all out of time for that, I'm afraid.

That's the lowdown of what I'm willing to write, so if you've got any ideas, I'll gladly hear them out. Please bear in mind what I've mentioned above and take into account what you'll ask of me to make sure it fits into my specified categories. It's better to stick to what I know to ensure better quality of the outcome. That being said, onto the terms and conditions of PayPal.

Terms and Conditions

I'm not sure exactly how this works as of yet, but PM me with the title of 'Story Commission' and follow up with giving me details on what you would like me to write for you. Of course, include the email you want me to send the invoice to for the commission so it goes to you and not somebody else by mistake. I'm asking for a payment up-front to do this as a per-order style transaction. If nothing gets done, then see below for info on how refunds will be given out to commissions that didn't meet your requirements.

Refunds: If I don't manage to deliver on your commission after a week of it being requested, and / or the story wasn't what you were hoping for, I'll gladly refund you upon request as soon as possible, no problems. I doubt this will be a frequently necessary event, but I'd rather you be happy with the final product than not at all.


Well, as uncomfortable as I am asking this, something I've never done with anyone in my entire life, I don't have much of a choice anymore but to at least try it out. I'm not sure how long I'll keep up this commission request thing, but having the chance to try out your ideas will be an interesting change from what I'm used to. So, with all of my above specifications for story requests, send me a PM if you're interested.

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Glad to see you've got something to help your situation.
I'd like to help but I ain't got a penny to my name so instead I'll just wish you the best of luck.

Best of luck with this friend

Hey there !

You are now a member of that elite club that actually receives money for Horse Words.

Quite a step to make.

Now please excuse me while I think of a story idea.

Congrats on your first commission.

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