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Top ten Non-Eric Reed stories · 4:31am May 6th, 2020

I’ve talked about ThePinkedWonder’s best stories that have to do with his human OC, Eric Reed, but believe me when I say that he’s got plenty more to give than that.

This list is going to take a look at Pink’s best one-shots (because that’s what they usually are without Eric) that have nothing to do with Eric Reed. My criteria stay the same from the last list remain the same, and you can once again find the stories by looking ThePinkedWonder up. One last thing though, Caught and Punished will not be on this list since it was my story originally (sort of).

With that, let’s get going


Just barely making the list at number ten will be ’To Save a Plant’

Admittedly, I wasn’t the biggest fan of this one at first, but it’s grown on me since. It takes place immediately after the episode “A Horse-Shoe In” when Trixie threw Phyllis in the trash and Starlight freaks out.

What follows is a decently done bit in which everyone except for Trixie goes absolutely batcrap insane trying to “save” Phyllis. Like I said, it was a bit much for me at first, but it’s a perfect display of some random humor and a good introduction to Pink’s writing style.


Coming in at number nine will be the most recent non-Eric story in Pink’s arsenal, ’Starlight Glimmer Saves Equestria (Repeatedly)’

This story has Starlight as an insanely overpowered unicorn trained by Twilight, who has to keep showing up to stop random villains since the Main Six has become just as useful as Princess Celestia.

The comedy goes a little over the top at times, but not enough to hinder my enjoyment, and in complete honesty, I’m just a sucker for Starlight comedy stories


Ironic that the most recent Pink story was last, because the first non-Eric story is next on this list, ’You Wanted to Use a Spell?!’

The first time I read this was after binging some early Eric Reed stories, and Pink didn’t really have any other kind of content at the time, so it was a bit of a culture shock at first.

Starlight’s mad at Twilight because she tried to use a spell to solve her problem, which she explicitly told Starlight to never do. It gets a bit meta, but in a somewhat good way, and I love that Starlight literally glares at a camera to finish things off


Coming in at number seven is ’The REAL Reason’

This one probably could’ve made it higher on the list if I didn’t have to proofread it twice. If you thought the last one was meta, you haven’t seen anything yet. This story examines just why Celestia and Luna opted to sit out on everything up until then, and they give the craziest answer ever.

Turns out that it’s Twilight’s fault that the show came to its finale in season nine since she didn’t want to come back for a tenth. That being said, Celestia and Luna are called in by the show’s head producer and warned of what’s to come, allowing them to screw with Twilight in the season nine premiere as long as they made a big appearance at some time in the season.

The whole story had me laughing, and that’s saying something for someone who enjoys romance just a bit more than comedy Debbigail for the win!


At number six, we’ve got ’Twilight Sparkle Marries a Book (Seriously, Twilight?!)’

We all know that Twilight’s the biggest bookhorse to walk to face of Equis, but how far is she willing to take that? Well, Discord finds out the hard way in this story as he comes across the Main Six preparing for Twilight Sparkle’s wedding with, you guessed it, a book. There’s not really anything to talk about here, so I’m just gonna say that it’s funny and move on


Even though this one didn’t do so well, my number five is ’The Aftermath of Twilight’s Love Spell’

Here, we’ve got Starlight punishing Twilight for putting her under a spell that caused her to fall in love with and kiss Queen Chrysalis, ruining her first ever kiss. Princess Celestia makes a brief appearance as well, taking Starlight’s side, able to sympathize with her.

I choose this story over it’s predecessor because that story seemed a lot more immature than it needed to be, while this story is a bit more within the boundaries of what I enjoy.


At number four, we have another underrated hit, ’A Stunning Punishment’

Like I said, I’m a sucker for Starlight Glimmer, especially AU stories such as this one. This takes place immediately after “The Cutie Re-Mark” with Starlight still believing she is about to be punished.

The twist on this one is that even after she’s offered friendship, she still doesn’t believe it. Once she does, Twilight freezes her and allows her friends to “use” her in different ways while she remains frozen.

As much as I butchered that story description, the story is actually pretty well-done and also made me laugh.


Is it any surprise that ’Nopony Interrupts My FRIENDSHIP SPEECH, Starlight Glimmer!!’ is high on this list?

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m pretty sure this was Pink’s first featured story without Eric Reed.

Basically, Twilight is still reeling from the fact that Starlight shut her up mid-speech (which I found hilarious to begin with) and decides to pull out all the stops to get back at her. Even though I have a slight problem with Twilight being so overpowered, it’s hardly a hinderance.

I’ve talked about how ’The Ultima’ is one of the worst stories on the site, but everything that story does wrong, this one does right.


It’s only fitting that the sequel to the last story, ’She Did WHAT to You?!’ is number two on this list.

At first this was gonna be number one, but the more I thought about it, the more I thought I liked the number one pick more.

Just like the story’s predecessor, this was featured for a few days straight and has done the best record-wise. Here, Starlight manages to trick Chrysalis into letting her guard down long enough for Twilight to escape and capture Chrysalis. In a shocking turn of events, however, Twilight goes even further in her punishment than with Starlight.

Plot-wise, it’s pretty similar to it’s predecessor, but done a bit better, which is why it takes the silver.

Honorable Mentions

I’ll get through these pretty quick. Honorable mentions include:

’Princess Cadance Saves Equestria (Wait, What?!)’
’Draconequus-to-Alicorn Talk’
’Well, I Guess I Have No Choice...’
On Second Thought...’


Even though it never made any of my other best lists, my favorite non-Eric story from Pink has to be ’Sunbutt, Moonbutt, Sparklebutt, I Have Questions’. Before I start with this one, it’s important to note that I’m talking about the original T-rated version as opposed to the redone E-rated version.

This story has it all: A human in Equestria, all the questions any brony would ask the princesses, and a hilariously done ending. Comedy is not something easy to pull off, but Pink here makes it look effortless. This story takes number one for that reason alone

And those are my favorite non-Eric Reed stories from ThePinkedWonder. I hope to see more of this kind of content soon, and wish you the best of luck, Pink.

Alright, guys, be good people.

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I was already wondering which of my non-Eric Reed stories you liked the most, but you just answered it with this blog.

You said to correct you if you were wrong, but my first featured story that didn't have Eric was the story you picked as #1: Sunbutt, Moonbutt, Sparklebutt, I Have Questions. In fact, despite its ratings, Nopony Interrupts My FRIENDSHIP SPEECH, Starlight Glimmer!! wasn't featured due to unusually tough competition when I submitted it. It came close to still being featured, but not close enough.

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