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Just Can't Find Any Decent Horror Movies. · 1:19am Apr 27th, 2020

Recently this weekend, I've been watching a group of horror movies to relax.

But most of them have been garbage, I really want to see a good horror movie that gives me chills and is absolutely fun.

Instead I bored myself to death for a couple of hours, maybe next week won't be such a bore.

I'd kill for another Sinister or a Blob.

Heck I'd take an awesome Alien-esk Romp, lol.

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Comments ( 54 )

Mind if I wonder what those films are...? :twilightblush:

The crap ones or the named ones?

If you say you've never seen the blob, aliens or sinister.

I'm going to be in awe.

The "crap" ones.

Also, I've been trying to find a way to watch Alien and Aliens for the first time...:facehoof:

Have a video store nearby?

If it's a mom and pops, they might sell movies to you.

I know the one I used to work out did, lol.


Friend Request, It Awaits, Halloween Jack, Sorority Massacre, and Cruel World.

Such horrible movies.

I know it's a bit more comedic than scary, but if you haven't seen it yet, I recommend "Tucker and Dale vs Evil"

I have seen it and wuved it!


I'd also recommend "Colossal"

Hmm, is that the woman who controls a Kaiju?

I want to say I've seen it, if so.

Lol, I remember liking it too.

Hee, might need to give it a rewatch.

Wow, you watch alot, huh? 😅

I love a good horror movie. Sadly, hollywood thinks horror movie = jumpscares and gore.
Turns out what I actually like is a good terror movie. Suspense and subtlety. Monsters not shown are scarier than ones that are.

Lol, I was basically a Manager at a Video Store for three years.

My movie collection is massive.

So yeah, I'm a total film buff.

I absolutely agree.

Horror today is just bland, I find myself trying dozens of quirky Indy films in search of that next good terror.

Cool. Same here being a film buff 😋


You worked at a Video Store too!!

Or a massive collection?


Oh. Oh man. If you manage to find a library renting Alien and Aliens or some online streaming service like Amazon or Netflix, please reply to this with your thoughts!

Massive collection, lol. I would love to work somewhere that involves movies. Perks of being a nerd. 🤓

I used to totally run a Video Store.

I had to quit though, I outgrew the business itself and decided to try and find a career elsewhere.

It was fun while it lasted, we nerds get all the best jobs.


True dat, true dat ✊

To quote the (flawed but overhated) film, PIXELS:



Pixels was pretty fun.

At least SOMEONE has something positive to say about it :rainbowlaugh:

It wasn't perfect but I can see at how some can have fun watching it.

The PAC man part was hilarious, the centipede part cute.

I thought it was fun.

And I thought something was wrong with me, I tend to think some of the most hated movies were okay or not worth the negativity

Lol, I'm the same way.

I can find something good with comedy movies.

I'm more stern with horror, lol.

I will say that NOTHING is worse than Foodfight :raritydespair:

I'd recommend The Hills Have Eyes, R.E.C. ( a Spanish film) and its U.S. counterpart Quarantine, there's also Silent Hill, and Silent Hill Revelation, both of which I enjoyed. If you're looking for monster movies I'd highly recommend Dog Soldiers a fantastically done werewolf movie from the mid 2000s there's also Lost Boys an absolute childhood favorite vampire flick with decent gore and all practical effects. There's also V/H/S/ a decently done horror anthology series, the third wasn't as good but was still pretty ok. If you're looking for cheap schlocky gorefests I'd recommend Texas Chainsaw Massacre,or the Hellraiser franchise. If it's slashers I'd recommend the big three AKA Freddy,Jason,and Michael. The Chucky series is good too.
Although Bride and Seed were far more comedy than horror.
Then there's also the wrong turn series which is pretty good. Let me know if you've seen any of these.

Emoji Movie wasn't that good, but it's Kubo and the Two Strings compared to that trainwreck XD


I've seen everyone of those!


In fact, I'm like 95% I own them all.

Also if you'd like hilarity with a few over the top kills I'd recommend the Leprechaun franchise.

Lol, I watched my Leprechauns last week.

Emoji movie was cringe.

Oi, I was rolling my eyes through it.

Dog Soldiers was awesome wasn't it?

I was like "Watch as everyone hates this, but like Ralph Breaks the Internet cuz it's Disney"

Part 3 is my all time fave of that series, Origins was horrible.

The two hood ones a bit meh.

Returns was fair.

Space was dumb but fun.

One was a classic.

Two was sort of mediocre but still ok.

The coffee shop kill was hilarious.

I think I've released my nerdiness upon ya long enough :twilightblush:

Have you ever seen the kill count done by Dead Meat on YouTube? If not you should look it up it was awesome.

I really enjoyed it, along with the others you mentioned.

I remember being spooked the first time seeing Quarantine, which lead me to rec.

Disney at least has heart.

I totes watched every episode of the kill count.

Welcome to The Kill Cow, lol.

Hee, it was lovely to chat with you.

Ty, for being a sweetie and stopping by to chat.

Aww, thanks. First time I've heard someone enjoy talking about films with this film brain 😋

I adore good company and conversation.

If you ever want to chat films, simply ask.

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