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  • EA Day for Family
    It's that time again! Friends and Family Day! A day to celebrate the bonds of family! Of brothers and sisters, and of mothers and fathers! The holiday is just around the corner, and everyone simply cannot wait! Well, almost everyone that is...
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Happy Easter! Also sequel announcement! · 10:36pm Apr 12th, 2020

Happy Easter and salutations to the one person that will probably ever read this!

So I've been gone for a while, but I'll be coming back soon! :pinkiehappy:

You might have noticed A Day For Family(The only story I've written as of this post) was originally written for Miller Minus's Young Six Story Contest. That contest has since concluded, and recently, I also received the review that I asked for from the judges.

I wanted to wait until after both were said and done to make this announcement:

A Day for Family will have a sequel!

I originally had no plan to make a sequel, but the outrageously overwhelming fan demand(Of a whopping two people :moustache:) asking for it made me think otherwise.
At this point, I currently have the first chapter "done" and am at the tail-end of the second one. However! I don't think I'll start posting chapters until I'm done with(Or almost done with) the third chapter.
Personally, I'd rather finish the entire thing just so I can make absolutely sure it's as perfect as I want to be, but I don't want to just drop off the face of earth until then.

So while I make no promises, I plan to release the first chapter once I'm done with the third, and I am hoping that will be by the end of April.

I'm sorry that that is the deadline I'm giving myself as opposed to the end of this week which is what I have a feeling I'm "supposed" to be aiming for. But as I said, I'd rather everything be as well-constructed as I can make it before I throw it to the world(Even though I'm almost done with Ch. 2 I still find myself going back through ch. 1 and fiddling around with it, so...).
The wait has absolutely nothing to do with my habitual procrastination that may or may not be a legitimately serious personal issue I need to sort out once and for all

If it helps, here are some little tidbits about the story as I'm planning now:

1) It will be titled: The Bonds of Love

2) It will take place immediately after A Day for Family. No time skips and no off-screen development; it will take place literally the day after the first story ended.

3) The rest of the Student/Young Six will receive some individual focus. The story will be predominantly from Gallus's perspective once again, but Silverstream isn't the only friend Gallus has, nor are the others just going to be relegated to brief mentions or cameos this time.

4) I'm aiming for there to be seven chapters in total, and if you've ever read Background Pony(If you haven't, please do; it's awesome!) or something similar, you might recognize what it is I'm trying to go for.
I am considering there being an eighth to serve as an epilogue, but don't quote me on that; I am FAR away from that point in the story's creation to fully decide on that.

And finally, 5) If you checked out Miller Minus's contest, you might have noticed that one of the main rules was that contest entries couldn't go above 12k words; that was the limit. You also might have noticed that A Day for Family is just under that.
I'm not longer bound by that restriction.
I'll let you figure out what that means, but here's a fun fact: I'm currently 34k words into The Bonds of Love, and I still have the final fourth of Chap. 2 to finish.

Two more quick things before I end this off:

1) I do have another story planned for after The Bonds of Love.

2) I plan to put up another blog post after I post Chapter 1, where I'll talk about whatever my current progress on the story is at that time(In a perfect world that would be 100% completed, but :rainbowlaugh: Like that'll be the case!).

I'll also be talking a bit about what my writing process for A Day for Family was like(Unused ideas, original plotlines; stuff like that) for anyone that's even remotely interested(No one).
It's not like I'm going to use this Blog for anything else, so I might as well use it for something, I guess.

In any case, that wraps that up! I hope you're all staying safe with the uh... "Thing" that's going on at this time; I'm doing fine over here in Self-Isolation Town, but I'd be a lot better knowing everyone else is okay too!

Have a Happy Easter everyone, and stay safe!

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comgrats man and hey hope ya won

I didn't sadly. But that's alright! Just gives me a reason to do better next time! :pinkiehappy:

i bet you will still nice job

A sequel? Cool, sign me up!

omg that make 3 for a sequal now

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