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EWF: Nightmare Night · 12:50am March 29th

When we left off, we were in the build up to EWF Nightmare Night. The card, a small one, was booked to be Luna Regal (c) vs Diamond Tiara for the Intercontinental Championship, and the 5 on 5 elimination tag team match with the fate of the EWF World Championship, and the EWF itself, hanging in the balance. But first, a bit of set up.

Luna offered an IC title match to Diamond if she could beat her in a non-title match on the following episode. This comes after Diamond cost Luna her spot on Team Twilight, the match Diamond herself was there watching from commentary. She made note of the finish and realized she had a secret weapon to use against the champion; Luna seemed to deal with blows to the head very poorly. So, during their match, Luna is taking Diamond to her limit, and it seems academic until Diamond hits her new finisher: a spinning heel kick called Keep the Change. Diamond catches Luna in the head with a kick, knocking her silly just long enough for Diamond to roll her up (with a handful of tights) to become the new #1 Contender to the Intercontinental Championship.

Elsewhere on the card is the contract signing for Team Twilight vs Team Sovereignty. Team Twilight is Sunset Shimmer, as team captain, Applejack, Big Mac, Pinkie Pie, and Sonata Dusk. For Team Sovereignty, the team captain is Starlight Glimmer, and the rest are Adagio Dazzle, Aria Blaze, and Ember Torch. Since Sonata switched teams early on, Trixie had to find a suitable replacement, who she promises will be revealed during the signing. The two teams and their coaches report to the ring to sign the contracts. Twilight signs first, and then it's Trixie's turns. She grabs up the pen and, just before signing, she unveils her final team member.

The sound of cannon fire echoes through the arena, bringing with it the towering Tirek Crimson. As he climbs into the ring, Trixie signs the contract. She explains that Tirek has gotten bored of crushing nobodies, and she's promised to give him some real competition, which starts tonight. She points to the enemy team and Tirek throws the contract table across the ring. A full out brawl breaks out, with Tirek laying waste to pretty much everyone. He grabs Twilight around the neck and is about to slam her when Sunset jumps into his back to save Twilight. Tirek shakes Sunset off and, as Team Twilight gets out of town, Trixie orders Tirek to make an example of Sunset; Tirek pins Sunset down with her arm behind her back and stomps into her shoulder.

The next episode is the go-home show before Nightmare Night. Twilight comes out to announce that, during the brawl, Sunset re-injured her shoulder. As a result, Sunset would not be cleared to compete in time for Nightmare Night. She gives her word that, by hell or high water, she would put together a team to defeat Sovereignty.

Nightmare Night. We open the show with Luna versus Diamond, for the Intercontinental Championship. The two have a very competetive match, with Luna mostly dominating but just can't seem to put Diamond away. Just as Luna scoops Diamond up for the Eternal Night, Diamond slides free and catches Luna with Keep the Change. Luna collapses against the ropes and bounces back, and she takes another kick to the head, knocking her out cold. Diamond dives for the pin, and Luna, insanely, kicks out at 1. Luna leaps to her feet, in a blood rage almost. She grabs up Diamond and, before anyone can react, she drops Diamond with the Eternal Night. Then picks her up and hits her with another one. And then a third Eternal Night before going for the pin. She gets the win, holds the belt over her head, and immediately passes out. She, and Diamond, are stretchered out of the arena. The commentators, Celestia especially, are confused and concerned by this ending, but they move the show along.

Next is the elimination match. Trixie and her team come out first, with Trixie grinning from ear to ear. She laughs and cuts a promo on Twilight, declaring that the match was as good as won for her. It was 5v4, and Trixie believed her team is superior anyway. She calls down Twilight to accept a win by forfeit, and Twilight's music hits. Twilight leads the charge down the ramp, climbing into the ring and picks up a mic. She explains that she made a promise, a promise that she would have a team ready to go, and her team would beat Trixie's. Twilight says that she had to make some calls, cash in some favors, but she has a new team captain. A captain that she believes will be able to beat Trixie's team... In ten seconds flat.

Thunder cracks and lightning strikes, and the arena absolutely explodes as the Queen of the Indies makes her EWF debut. Rainbow Dash makes her way to the ring, hops over the top rope and bows in the middle of the ring. As she bows, the crowd showers the ring with multicolored streamers; the commentators explain that this is a tradition from elsewhere that Rainbow wrestled. Streamers equal crowd support, so the more streamers you get the more the crowd likes you. Rainbow gets a lot of streamers, courtesy of Pinkie giving them out to the fans before the show.

Starting the match is Adagio and Rainbow Dash, and Rainbow takes this opportunity to show off her moveset. She's faster than Adagio, able to slip around the ring with ease. When Adagio tosses her to a corner, Dash gracefully pulls herself up to the corner and takes a little nap. Eventually, she stops fooling around starts to trade blows with Adagio. After taking a bit too long to posture to her fans, Dash gets dropped and needs to make a tag. Sonata is the one to reach her first, and she steps into the ring.

Immediately, Aria blind tags herself into the match. She wants to get her hands on Sonata, who doesn't want to fight her friends, her sisters. Aria doesn't feel quite the same, and does everything she can to kick Sonata's teeth out. She attempts to hit Sonata with a straightjacket suplex, and Adagio tags herself back in. The two go back and forth, arguing and shoving each other until, finally fed up, Aria superkicks Adagio. Sonata, simply put, snaps. She dropkicks Aria, and just goes to town on her. Aria is taken by surprise and is eventually pinned by Sonata. Ember is in next, and she takes a few hits from Sonata before Aria comes to. She beats the tar out of Sonata, hitting her with multiple suplexes before the officials can get her out of the arena. Ember pins Sonata easily, putting the match at 4v4, with Aria and Sonata both eliminated.

Applejack is next, and she uses her size advantage to overpower Ember. AJ tosses Ember into the Sovereignty corner and simply points to Tirek. She wants the guy who hurt her partner. Tirek tags in and comes to blows with Applejack, who is soon pinned after a massive chokeslam. Mac comes in next and, while he is a match for Tirek's strength, just like last time, he comes up just short. Mac is eliminated, leaving Team Sovereignty up by 2 (Tirek, Adagio, Ember, and Starlight) against Pinkie and Rainbow.

At the top of the ramp, we see Spike suddenly emerge. He cuts a promo on Tirek and, with their opponent distracted, RD and Pinkie are able to chop Tirek down and hit him with a massive Equestrian Destroyer. Rainbow gets the pin, handing Tirek his first ever loss. Rainbow is legal, and in comes Adagio. After a bit of back and forth, RD scoops up Adagio and hits her finisher, a G2S she calls the Thunderclap. She gets the pin, and the match is now 2 on 2: Starlight and Ember vs RD and Pinkie.

Starlight and Ember bicker, which allows RD to catch Ember off guard with another Thunderclap. Starlight rushes in and brings the fight to Dash, who has no choice but to tag Pinkie. Starlight and Pinkie go back and forth, with Starlight backing Pinkie into the corner before setting up for the Neutralizer. RD blind tags in and scales the ropes as Starlight's move connects; Starlight goes for the pin and has it broken by a stunning 630 Senton from Dash, the legal man, who hooks the leg and pins Starlight. 1, 2, 3, Starlight is eliminated and Team Twilight wins with Pinkie and RD as the sole survivors. The EWF Championship is now vacated, and the two winners celebrate their win in the ring.

Rainbow jumps up and delivers a rising knee to Pinkie's jaw, knocking her silly. The crowd boos as Rainbow beats down her partner, giving her kneestrike after kneestrike after kneestrike until Pinkie is a dazed, bloody mess. Rainbow Dash, who is now a heel, ends the show as the last person standing, her eyes trained on the now-vacant world championship.

And that's what I had planned for Nightmare Night. Luna's character gets a bit of progression, Diamond Tiara gets written off of TV for a bit. We have the Dazzlings storyline moving ahead, Spike and Tirek keep their feud going, the EWF World Title is now up for grabs, and we have two superstar title contenders in Pinkie Pie and the newly debuted, freshly heel Rainbow Dash. That's just the first step of my planned booking, and I'll be revealing more in the coming weeks.

Thanks for reading, and I'll see you soon.

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Comments ( 12 )

Wow...Rainbow's loyalty only lasted long enough to get the title vacated.

Rainbow Dash as a heel is a bit weird but can't wait to see how it plays out.

Man, what a great climax at the end.

Rainbow is still loyal. She just never was loyal to Pinkie

Looking at Rainbow and her personality, I can hardly think of many more appropriate wrestling heels in the series.

Cocky, brash, hot-headed and self-centered. What else does a modern heel need?

Glad you liked it. Next chunk of booking will be out in a couple of days

...is it wrong that I would so side with Rainbow on this?

Rainbow Dash is the Queen of the Independent Circuit. She's held more championships in more promotions than a lot of EWF wrestlers have had PPV matches. She's been successful every she's gone because she's a prodigy, arguably the greatest to ever lace up a pair of boots. She didn't come to the EWF to make friends, she came to win titles.

There is definitely an audience for a wrestler like her (think heel Kenny Omega/Bullet Club). In the mainstream audience, though, you'd probably be in the minority.

I don't know...wrestling today is a far cry from the days of clear faces and heels...not to mention, in some cases, the heels seem to be written better than their face counterparts.

Yeah, the line between heel and face has blurred a lot over these last couple of years, with heels like Kevin Owens and AJ Styles and factions like Bullet Club and Undisputed Era being so good and charismatic that they get cheered regardless of their status as bad guys. And I'd argue that heels have been written better than faces for quite some time now, mainly due to it being significantly harder to write a good baby face.

Especially if you look towards the WWE where they've devolved into children who'll leave one another high and dry; heels, as bad as they are, seem to at least try and team up.

Fookin-A that Luna vs Diamond match seemed to a true endurance bout where both competitors ended up being completely spent!

And that elimination tag match looked to have been booked so well too, for Twilight's newest recruit to end up being hated within the span of a match is excellent and now the EWF World Championship would have been a regular Title to go foward!

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