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  • 99 weeks
    My Absence

    Sorry for being gone so long! I had started college and a new job. I was also doing other projects involving art and animation more than writing. I can't promise I'll start updating my stories again really soon, but I'm still interested in them and want to try and continue one day.

    I'll see you guys around and hopefully I can make more stories in my freetime lol

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    The 2k Rookie Raffle Winners!

    Alright everyone, thank you again for participating, now to announce the winners!

    The 2 winners out of 12 are:

    King Thorax submitted by duckmagee!


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    ~ It's that time again! ~

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    Author's Update

    Quick Apology Update for why I've been missing all this time

    Been really busy lately with family, school, and stuff like that. I'm a bit disoriented and haven't had the time to write as much as I'd like to ;^^

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    The Rookie Raffle Winner!

    Alright everyone! Time to announce the winner of the raffle! This means that their suggestion will make an appearance in the fanfic itself!

    And that winner is:

    Phantune and their suggested canon character
    Lightning Dust!

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Uuuuuuuuuuuuugh · 8:41pm Mar 20th, 2020

Right. So- My job decided to close down because of all this. Everything that's going on in America rn. Which makes sense. The place is empty, there are hardly any customers anymore, and there's just nothing to do but clean clean clean. Everything kinda fell apart. We'll be able to open up after all this is over... but I've lost a reliable source of income. And now I have nothing to do but stay at home and do chores all day. I suppose.

I guess that's a good thing? I can create more stuff now without feeling too busy or too stressed... but I'm a bit worried. I have plenty of money right now but I hope to get back to working soon. Afterall, I still have to pay rent and fix up my car.

I still think it'll take a while before I post any new chapters on any of my stories. New or old. Afterall, I do have other interests as well like animating. And I might focus more on commissions since our budget is... not looking too good.

The economy is falling apart. I don't know how I feel about this.

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