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Just a random editor. Contact me on Discord for fast response. My username is RandomGuy101#6552

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Hello, World! · 3:34pm March 20th

I'm new to FIMFiction (in the sense that I just got an account), so for the first day I couldn't post a blog. But now I can. I'm RandomGuy101, and barely anypony knows of my existence! I hope that any stories I post will be entertaining for all. In fact, here's a teaser for a story idea I have:


Have a wonderful day, and I hope that my story will be out soon!

EDIT: This story has been cancelled, sorry.

P.S. Anypony know why I can't post for the first day? I don't get the point of that.

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Welcome to FIMFiction! I hope you enjoy your stay!

Thank you! I have had a pleasant experience so far.

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