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Star Wars The Clone Wars the Final Season: The Bad Batch · 4:38pm February 21st

"That was Echo's number. He's alive."

So, how do you, you may be wondering how to turn already badass soldiers into even more badass soldiers? Mutate them and turn them into freakin' Spartans and cover them in red and black armor of edginess! That's how. Say hello to the Bad Batch, Clone Force 99.

These are the guys you call when every other option has failed. Now, while I admit I am disappointed in the episodes not being all released at once, it does keep you coming back for more. But come on, we've waited long enough for this season! Give it to us all at once as Netflix did with Six! But yeah, as soon as I heard the classic theme and Admiral Yularen explaining the problem of the day, all was forgiven.

The problem. The droids are getting wise to Rex's tactics. Not just Rex's tactics though, as our favorite clone admits privately. Plans he and Echo thought up. Secondary problem, if Rex can be defeated, the best of the best that doesn't hold much good for the rest of the Grand Army of the Republic.

So, solution. Call in the Bad Batch. Now, we've all seen the released animatic reels. Now you get to see it for glorious fully animated glory. And in classic Clone Wars/Rebels style. Not that god awful CGI Resistance uses. Screw that style. There's quite a few epic moments for the Batch. First one. They fend off an entire droid squadron with just the wreckage of a gunship for cover, moving cover at that and then EMP grenades to disable the droids. Second one, they easily take the droid cyber center in glorious John Wick style single-camera tracking shots. Yes, you heard right. Words do not do these guys justice as badasses.

Except... that's all they are. They're just badasses, no real character to them. They're archetypes. The blood-hungry brute. The marine. The cold sniper. The techie. As a concept, I like the Batch, but as characters... eh. Can't even remember any of their codenames actually. That's how bad it is. That's how bland they are. Here's hoping they get a chance to shine and show off more to themselves.

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Comments ( 5 )

This gonna be good.

I love how this arc seems to be all action. Also, we have our first inklings of the next arc through episode titles. Ahsoka dealing with the Pyke Syndicate.

I'm personally hoping for Crystal Crisis on Utapua to get animated. I'm curious if the Siege of Mandalore, which is supposed to be the grand finale will be an extra-long episode like Family Reunions and Farewells. I mean, it is the finale so...

What was the plot of Crystal Crisis? And the Siege of Mandalore more than likely will be a longer episode. Besides, it runs concurrently in the timeline with Order 66. In fact, from what I've heard through my best friend, at the end of Ahsoka's book, she places the lightsabers that she was using at the time on Rex's fake grave.

It involved Kyber crystals, that much I know. Like, big ones. And yeah, Ahsoka and Rex were involved in a fake grave but it was actually Rex placing Ahsoka's lightsabers on her fake grave.

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