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  • Monday
    My Possible Fanfic Ideas (But haven't decided yet)

    1. I usually wanted to do a story center around the Dazzlings after they lost in Rainbow Rocks. This was a story I though off when another girl joins the group in a slice of life setting in the Starswirl Festival. It's an OC called Zoe Star Pink.

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  • Monday
    Rainbow Roadtrip’s 1 Year Anniversary

    Today was the day Rainbow Roadtrip premiered on Discovery Family last year. I really enjoyed and it was a great way to bring back the animation style from the movie. So to celebrate it’s anniversary, I made a fanfic reading on one of the stories I’ve come across. Suspiciously Similar by TheAncientPolitzanian.

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  • 1 week
    I'm Too Broken To Write

    It's been three days since I submitted my last story and as of now, I feel more broken to barely continue my newer projects. I still didn't make up my mind of what stories I should write because it's starting to fade away from my interest. I can't even write characters I haven't use yet. Sorry there's no progress going on at the moment but all of my scrap ideas didn't help me at all. As far as

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  • 1 week
    My Today's Story Just Makes Me More Empty

    Even since submitting it, I knew it wouldn't get much attention. I didn't even bother to add the story to many in the groups due to the less attention it got compare to the last story I submitted. At this point, I didn't start writing another story and yet I feel like making more videos. Today just isn't what I was waiting for and that is saying a lot.

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  • 1 week
    I Took Down All Of My Future Story Ideas

    This maybe not the blog you expect me to do but I need to make this clear. I'm not going to stop writing, far from it. It's just that at this moment right now, I've learned a lesson about ideas blog I posted earlier this year (That's been deleted months ago).

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The Only Possible Chapter Story In The Future · 11:46pm February 9th

Before any of you ask, yes I'm still working on the one shots only at the moment but I'm also coming up with new ones. One of them involves one chapter story but I still might rejected it. I don't want to continue a story that might not get peoples attention on, just like Hope In Rainbow. It's just ashamed that most of my cancelled chapter stories didn't get a lot of attention nor getting more likes. 2018 was a pain for me to continue chapter stories and I completed Princess Twilight Meets New Friends in 2019 while two sequels we're in my mind.

If there is something I can do if I'm going to do write my next chapter story, I'll give you hints on what it's gonna be about. It's a crossover to a spin-off video game franchise...but not completely. For one, no character from that franchise will be in the story. It's mainly a spoof with the MLP characters.

The biggest problem with that is I saw several stories based on this idea. While most of them got attention, my idea isn't original and I'm afraid the chapter story will be in the same situation like Hope In Rainbow.

Here's my solution to my problem. The story will be different with similarities to the video games. While I'm not an expect on all the words to keep a story entertaining, I still played the video games non stop from the last decade. And besides, I'm also dealing this situation with the one shots for newer words I haven't use yet.

They're probably going to be only three species in the story, ponies (Which includes all of the types) Hippogriffs, and Kirin. To me the other species won't work in the world itself. Yes, Spike won't be able to make it in this story. The reasons why I want the world to be fully populated with ponies is because we have a lot of background characters. With so many different personalities, I think they will fit in the roles of the story.

And the last hint is that this could be the longest chapter story. With one of the video games I've played were the longest, I'm gonna try to do everything to make the story good as a spoof while trying to be it's own thing. Granted it's going to sacrifice most of my priorities but as long as it's getting some attention, I'll make it worth it.

But like I said in the title, I DON'T know if I'm going to do another chapter story. One shots can easily keep my work much better. If any of you guys figure out what it truly is, I don't care if you comment down below. All that matters is the possibility if it happens or not. It's going to take me months to work this out by myself, not to mention other stuff could happen during that time. Priorities is always important if you put them straight.

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