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Breaking the 4rth Wall · 11:50pm Feb 3rd, 2020

Sometimes people say stuff about Pinkie ´Breaking the 4rth wall´, and I don´t know what that means. Any help?

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It usually means a character addresses the audience, or they kind of do things which imply they understand they're in a show or are a fictional character. Like when pinkie pie winks at the audience as if she understands she is being watched, it shows she is aware of the audience, hence breaking the forth wall.

The 4th wall is a theatre concept. The stage has a back wall and two sides (the wings). The 4th wall is between the audience and the performers, and keeps them apart. Breaking the 4th wall is when characters either interact directly with the audience or show awareness of the fact they are fictional. A good example comes from the play 'One Man, Two Guv'nors', where one character asks another why he always seems to speak to his right-in the direction of the audience.


Thank you for telling me!

No problem. As you point out, it is integral to the comedy surrounding Pinkie.

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