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Valiant Charge

Why do we fight? To protect home and family, to preserve balance and bring harmony. The true question is not why we fight but rather "What is worth fighting for?"

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  • 1 week
    Lockdown Tomorrow

    Starting tomorrow, the island is officially on lockdown.

    That means no movies, restaurants, shopping or even going to church.

    Heck, I might get in trouble just for posting this.

    5 comments · 30 views
  • 2 weeks
    It's here

    The virus has officially hit the island!:rainbowderp:

    Now I really can't risk going out, not even to the convenient store.

    7 comments · 32 views
  • 3 weeks
    Tourism keeps dropping

    Thanks to the number of cases popping up around the globe, tourism on the island keeps dropping, leaving people trapped on cruise ships or cancelling flights.

    To make things worse, my mom has to stay at work until they can confirm that no hospital employees have been infected. IT'S THE END OF THE WORLD!!

    on the bright side, gas prices dropped by ten cents.

    0 comments · 23 views
  • 5 weeks
    Guess that Movie

    "Sire. She got away.

    "Sir She Got Away? Mmm peculiar title but if that's what you-!! SHE WHAT?!? Why you...you...YOU TRAITOR!!"

    "Now sire! Remember, y-your blood pressure!"


    3 comments · 32 views
  • 5 weeks
    Virus Update

    As I'm sure you are all aware, The Corona Virus that has been spreading has caused some huge trouble for travelers and it's even affecting air travel and cruises to Guam. We keep getting reports of hundreds of passengers cancelling their flights in fear of spreading or catching the virus.

    Read More

    10 comments · 33 views

Taking a break · 5:20am January 8th

My latest chapter is on pause until I can come up with a decent plot. not to mention I had to deal with a lot of stuff before new years.

On Christmas morning, one of my uncles passed away so we had to spend most of the time saying final prayers and making funeral arrangements, after that I was swamped with baking orders for my moms customers and I truly HATE baking!! (sorry Pinkie) I've been so busy IRL that I barely have time to write, let alone think of what to write.

I'll still be here to read other stories but until then, don't expect any updates.

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Comments ( 2 )

It's ok to take a break, especially if Real-Life things require it.
And sorry about your uncle.:pinkiesad2:

Thanks. It was a bittersweet Christmas.

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