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  • Today
    I get one particular comment on nearly all of my Texting Story videos. I'd like it to stop.

    Okay, I need to address something...

    On my texting story videos, I get one comment that irks me. It happens so frequently that it's started to bother me with how serious commenter are taking a fictional story.

    "How do they text with hooves?"

    "How do they text when they don't have fingers?"

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  • Sunday
    Was it all worth it?

    I've had so long to think about it, but...now it's hitting me hard.

    Was...was it all worth it? Was there even any worth behind it, in anything I've done? I don't know if anything will change if I accomplish one thing, or if I'll be happier for it. I always see myself being brought back to that night when I...you know. Except it won't be a near miss.

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  • Friday
    Gee-tar dee-bate




    ... I don't know what I'm doing. I think I'm broken. I have a receipt, can someone take me back to the shop to get exchanged for another me? 😔😑🤐

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  • 1 week
    Does England still have any American neighbours over there? Y'all still alive?

    Everyone still alive across the pond? You've all been relatively quiet in this pandemic, wondering if we still have American neighbours.

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  • 1 week
    Random Words of The Randomness Within Me - read at own risk

    My heart beats like a drum,
    Where's the bloody rum, Skallywag?

    If insanity is normalcy, then I'm completely normal. Hooray.

    Kiss me, I'm ginger.

    I once saw a guinea pig that wheeked, wheek-wheeked, wheeked.

    You fwubby liddle husky, imma wub your fwuffy ears. You're a cutie.

    Am I gonna have a hangover? Because I want one.

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I finally got something that I've been searching forever to find, and I'm glad I found it. · 3:07pm Dec 29th, 2019

After he died, my days were pretty boring, lonely and strange, my original routine of caring for him being broken and missing. I found this on Etsy and had it customised for my pig to have something to remember him by. He was my first true pet, so he was like my own child in fluffy potato form, so it never felt right to not have a tombstone of sorts. You have no idea how badly I've been searching for something as a tombstone / memorial slab to be able to say goodbye to him.

If you yourself have a pet that you loved but ended up losing, then look up this guy on Etsy. Say goodbye with respect and give yourself a keepsake. Pets become a part of the family, and they aren't simple and dumb animals like most believe. Sometimes, they are our only friends in life.

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Comments ( 5 )

I...actually am really really glad you showed me this. I will likely want something like this done.

Sometimes it seems we are brothers (or distant cousins) separated by continents.

I had a guinea pig as a kid. We didn't know it at the time, but he was way too young to be taken from his mother. He was very small and got sick. In the short time I had him, he grew very attached.

When he was sick, he would squeal when my hand wasn't against him and made those content sounds when I was there. Eventually he went to sleep and I moved away.

Even in the vet, he crawled across the veterinarian's desk back to me after being taken into the next room to be given a booster antibiotic. I held him till he died later that night. If I had known he wouldn't make it, then out of mercy we may have gone the other route.


If you got him when he was too young to be separated from his mother, then it makes sense he'd be imprinted on you. You'd be the only person he'd view as a mother / father figure, and it happens with animals and humans frequently if they end up under our care from a young age. If you spent the majority of your time with him, then he'd become used to you very quickly and he'd realise that you'd take care of him.

Oh. :fluttercry: That's sad. He actually sounds a lot like Oscar. I'd have him with me on my bed every day after school watching videos on YouTube with him while he snuggled against my arm. Either that or he'd hop onto my back and curl up on my shoulder to watch videos with me. It's never easy losing a pet you love and care about and that you became attached to.

Sympathies. Is It just me, or does it seem like guinea pigs are the most dominant pets over our low resistance for cuteness? Humans seem to love them for how much they act like kids and that holding one feels like holding a baby, along with all of the care that is necessary while they are in our ownership. It's hard to not get attached unless you're completely heartless.

You can get more than a memorial slab. I found keychains, necklaces, bangles and rings with the theme of remembering your pet, no matter what species of animal they are. They are also on Etsy. If it's worth it to you, then your options are pretty wide.

I am keeping this bookmarked, I thank you very much for this my 0friend

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