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FIMFiction - Update ~ 12/02/2019 · 3:02pm Dec 2nd, 2019

Hello to everyone once again! Just thought I’d check back in and let you all know what’s going on. And you’ll be happy to hear that I’ve been writing again. No, not just one chapter, silly. I’m talking about a whole near eleven chapters done in nearly a month’s time (quite freaky, huh). Most of it geared towards the kh crossover on my part, but I digress, it was all really fun to write. I still have one more chapter to go before it’s completely eleven chapters, but man oh man, it was fun to have that writing binge come to me. I call that a complete success!

Now, as I said I’m not done completely. I still have to get that chapter and then I’ll be done with that story for a bit (not completely done but hey, eleven chapters is a pretty decent start). So expect me to write more on that front later. Once I’m done with this next chapter I’ll figure out where to go from there. Maybe work on that other story I planned on doing (finally) XD. All dumb jokes aside, I have a bit more to say.

I’ve been giving it some more thought and I figure, if there’s one way to make me focus on The True Nightmare, I might branch out to different writing sites. I don’t have it dead set in mind on where, but I figure if there’s a way to get me to at least concentrate on said story, and bring my interest back into it, I can start by uploading the story to different sites. Maybe not Equestria Daily though. They seem to have weird standards. Standards, if I'm to admit, are a bit... artificial high quality? I'm not into that sort of stuff.

Other than that, to keep on top of my blogging (which I still do a terrible job at) I might bring up old blog posts, redo them, or try to think of something new. Hell, I could set up polls for those interested and see what they think on the matter. Maybe have me talk about something like writing topics, or focus on a new topic. I’m open to new suggestions either way. All that aside, I think that’s all I got. So I’ll leave you all to it and see you all later!

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Do you think you may finally do a sequel to Twinkling Gem?


If I do, I might do one for the revised version of Twinkling Gem. When I will revise Twinkling Gem is unknown. But I figure I'll do that eventually. Trying to at least take one step at a time, Knight. :twilightsmile:

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