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Wasteland Jewel Reboot · 3:31am Dec 2nd, 2019

Yeah... basically I decided to give Wasteland Jewel a reboot too. Much like Renegades it won't change much honestly, except cutting some stuff that we'll get to later. Basically, I just want to make it a better story for new readers. Sorry to anyone who's familiar with it, but it should be better as a story now, I hope.

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Comments ( 3 )

That's cool, I've never seen a story rebooted before. How much will change though?

5163141 Pretty much the plot is staying the same. The current storyline with the Equestrian Girls thing I'm cutting because it was kind of a weird idea looking back. Pretty much the only major change is I'm changing one character, maybe two.

I recently started to retool some of my story as well. Some of it needed updating and some things needed to flow better. I am eager to see where this goes :)

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