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  • 458 weeks

    Hey everybody I have an announcement to make. Fetch the diamond dog is coming back for another story, and it will be something to look out for. I need to get to work on it right away, so like a week or so from now before I have it completely planed out, but it will be one of the most interesting things I ever wrote. It will have love, drama, cheating, stealing, crime, and

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  • 458 weeks

    Finally got my laptop back and drew the characters of the story well me and the other humans. So expect the chapter to be out early tomorrow or later that night.

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  • 459 weeks
    I'm not dead

    Hey every pony I know I haven't posted a chapter in a long time do to the fact that I do not a computer to type on but I have been drawing lately of every ponies character I just need to do protrkalos and I'll be done. (The side charcater's and me not the main six Luna celestia and nightwing) Once again sorry for the long wait.

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  • 461 weeks

    Happy almost birthday to me. Tomorrow Nov 16, 2012 I'll be 19 Hell Yeah!

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  • 461 weeks

    Watched mlp twice and I have no clue on what the fuck I just watched.

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B-Day · 5:55pm Nov 15th, 2012

Happy almost birthday to me. Tomorrow Nov 16, 2012 I'll be 19 Hell Yeah!

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:moustache: Hmm, quite a celebratory occassion wouldn't you agree? :pinkiesmile:
A.K.A. AWESOME!! :derpytongue2:

508019 not a prob man. we all age eventually. :eeyup:

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