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I am a person who wants to be a author by writing books of my own. I never have gotten the chance to express my stories that I come up with and I decided to share these stories with fimfiction........

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Regarding Story Requests.... · 7:49pm Nov 1st, 2019

To be fair, I'm writing a blog about the terms due to recent events, but that's why this blog is going to highlight what I do and don't for personal moral reasons.

Let's start off with requests in general. I will not turn down what you have to say as the request. (I may not be able to do requests right away, so it might lag back a bit. There's only so much one person can accomplish in a day.) I will take any that has been made, but I have few sort of no-go's that I try my damnest never to cross. And if ideas have any theme of these topics then I will most likely decline the offer. The will-not-do's are in no specific order.

1) Vore
2) Gore sex (killing sex stuff)
3) FOE (Fall of Equestria writing- original taking) [a]
4) Foalcon

Those are may main pet peeves, and I would tell the truth if any more don't dos just happen to be in the request itself.

Now for ideas with similar attributes like an open universe, or a closed universe.

Open universes are stories that are writen that usually have other substories written about it Fallout: Equestria is a well-known example. I can freely take your request if that's the case.

A closed universe is somthing that the author his/herself wants to keep to themself, or access on with other spin-offs. A New World, A New Way is the perfect example of this kind of idea. (I won't blame you if you never heard of them. They have a group that kind of proves what I'm saying.) In this case, I would need express permission from the creator in order to achieve a legal spin off of the topic.

Now, of course, there not so well known bits of open and close universes out there. I'm just saying that depending what idea you spit ball at me requires different things to check over before final publish.

A) The reason Fall of Equestria is on the don't does list is due to the rugged history with the genre. I personally don't mind its existence. The potential on the topic was wasted relatively on its arrival. At this point, it's trying to beat a dead horse that I feel should have its eternal rest. I'm not above making those anti-FOE fics. You can see the first two stories I wrote on this website were definitely centered around the topic.

B) Foalcon..... This subject I don't like to talk about, but if it ever comes up as I a request I'll point them back to this blog. I do not support this fetish simply for the fact of what it implies. This is a firm rule I have made for myself not to ever cross, or even write about. If characters seen in the show as children, they will always be aged up to 18 for all characters that aren't to the required age.

Timing: Now this is a big one especially for me. Why? Well, I'm not a writer that can just pump chapters out the speed of a freight train. As a matter of fact, that rarely ever happens with me. Which means it might be a while before I have a solid plan on how to tackle the idea. I will explain which way I'll take the idea and see if it is acceptable for the terms laid out for the request, or I can write a rough draft of what it will be. Just know that my first draft is never pretty.

Priority: My original stories would have to come first since I always have to complete what I start.

And if you meet all the criteria, then I'll be happy to take the request. It is my goal to make the best stories I possibly can. Thank you for listening to my terms.

If you still have any questions just ask them in this blog. I'll do my best to answer them honestly. ^^

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