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    Future foals(Slight finale spoilers)

    And, since I can't stop rambling about the finale, another blog post.

    It seems like, judging by the dialogue of Rainbow Dash and Applejack discussing doing chores together, that they are married in the future. Discord and Fluttershy seem to be as well.

    The only two confirmed foals are Lil Cheese and Big Mac/Sugar Belle's son.

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    Future ages rambling(Very slight finale spoilers)

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    With the grey hair and lines under the mane six's eyes, they are clearly getting older.

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Future foals(Slight finale spoilers) · 10:29am Oct 14th, 2019

And, since I can't stop rambling about the finale, another blog post.

It seems like, judging by the dialogue of Rainbow Dash and Applejack discussing doing chores together, that they are married in the future. Discord and Fluttershy seem to be as well.

The only two confirmed foals are Lil Cheese and Big Mac/Sugar Belle's son.

I'd like to think that, maybe through magic, Rainbow and Applejack could have foals as well, and so could Discord and Fluttershy(Though, I wouldn't know what they would look like...)

So, for Rainbow and Applejack, I'm imagining two kids. Rainbow gets to name one, and Applejack the other. First, a male earth pony whose cutie mark involves a zap apple. His name would be Thunderzap, or 'Zap' for short. Then, a slightly younger pegasus sister who would vaguely resemble Applejack's mother but have three colors in her mane(from Rainbow Dash's mane color). Her cutie mark would be a trio of flowers and her name would be Pear Blossom(After Pear Butter/Buttercup's both names and Apple Bloom).

I don't have their looks down yet. But I imagine Thunderzap to be as hotheaded as Rainbow Dash is, and his special talent would relate to finding out just how mysterious plants such as the Zap Apples work and the magic surrounding those types of things. He figured out what created the Zap Apples and used that magic to create new, exotic fruits and plants. He's basically a hotheaded, confident, extroverted plant-loving magical nerd. A deadly combination, in most cases. He uses his talents in plant-based magic to grow apples(and other things) faster, better, and tastier than ever. His future won't be on the farm, it will be discovering, learning the secrets of, and creating new magical plants, but he will be improving the farm up until the moment the day comes for him to travel around the world.

Pear Blossom, by contrast, is calmer and is more content to stay in the shadows.Coincidentally(or not, depending on what your belief is on the magic of names), her talents reveal themselves more in taking care of pears rather than apples. Who would've thought? As an adult, she will stay on the farm, but as the mare in charge of her own, pear-section of the orchard. Her pears are to die for! Thanks to her, she helps bring pears back into the apple family, and helps expand the farm. She's very sweet, is good at listening to others, settling differences, and working towards solutions past when other ponies would give up. She may be great at growing pears, but her true talent lies in connecting others together and solving friendship problems. As an adult, she likely will have a side-gig as an advice columnist or matchmaker. Maybe she'll even be the new guidance counselor at Twilight's school someday.

Apple Spice - Big Mac and Sugar Belle's son. I don't know what the fandom name for him will be, but I wanted to try and incorporate both parent's names. Sugar Belle is a baker, so 'Spice', as in spices, is for her, while Apple is for...apples. Apple Spice loves his family, and is very kind hearted. He's often roped into crazy shenanigans with his cousin-best-friend Thunderzap, and is a bit calmer and more nervous than him as well. His cutie mark is an apple cupcake, which he got when using Pear Blossom's first crop of pears plus apples to make his very own apple-pear cupcake recipe. He will stay on the farm in the future, growing apples and baking delicious foods for his friends and family. Despite their differences in personalities, he is very good friends with Lil Cheese, especially after learning about her insecurities...

Cheesecake, AKA, Lil Cheese - Just like her parents, Lil Cheese loves to party. She specializes in gags and tricks and wordplay, as evidenced by her cutie mark - a slice of 'cheese' cake. Ironically, despite being the daughter of an excellent baker and her food-related cutie mark, she is actually such a bad baker that her mother is thinking of signing her up for beginner's cooking lessons. Although she tries to be a party pony at first like her parents, she eventually realizes her talent is in being a comedian. Her dream is to go to the big city and to practice stand-up comedy in front of thousands, but she tends to get insecure when she thinks or knows others don't like her. So, despite being funny and naturally comedic, she also has stage fright and is afraid of failure. She already sort of feels like a failure for not being a party pony like her parents are, and for not being an excellent baker like both her mother and her extended family, the Cakes.

Now, for Discord and Fluttershy. I have no clue what their kids would look like, but I am giving them one.

Aerie - A girl who loves to fly and takes after her mother in the sense that she loves animals. She specializes in exotic wildlife, much to the fright and horror of the townsfolk whenever she decides to bring in a scary-looking rarely-seen animal into town. The bigger, the scarier, the more she loves them. Her cutie mark, if she would have one, would be a phoenix in flame. Phoenixes are exotic, powerful birds, just like how she's an exotic and powerful being. She inherits Discord's power of teleportation and opening portals to other dimensions, which where she gets most of her animals from.

The five foals become friends in the future, but not to begin with. Obviously the mane six would want them to be best friends and forced them to spend tons of time together, but we all know that when adults try to force children to do something, they will revolt.

Thunderzap and Aerie hate each other, at least at first. Her often giant and destructive 'pets' get in the way of Thunderzap's magical plants, often times eating and ruining all of Thunderzap's hard work. That, and some of Thunderzap's plants tend to have some weird, magical side-effects when consumed, which makes things interesting. With these two fighting, much like how Diamond Tiara and Apple Bloom used to fight but on a more destructive level, Ponyville never has a dull moment.

Thunderzap is often annoyed at Lil Cheese, who never seems to take things seriously, and often disrupts his concentration when studying. Though, he as to admit that she is funny. With Lil Cheese and Apple Spice being such good friends, Thunderzap tries to tolerate her.

Pear Blossom is friendly towards Lil Cheese and Aerie, though her personal friends are other foals. However, she doesn't like seeing Thunderzap being annoyed by Lil Cheese nor him and Aerie fighting, and eventually she's able to get them to settle their differences in an amazing epic moment that gains her her cutie mark. What that moment is, I have no idea.

Well, that was a hella long rant that no one will read that I also spent too much time typing up.

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I saw that on EQD, don't really get why they gave Lil Cheese eyelashes and a female muzzle if hes supposed to be a colt. :rainbowhuh: but what I headcannon'd would be the same regardless of gender.

Ikr, it’s weird...

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